Mistletoe mocktail

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Mistletoe mocktail
Attraction level    Attraction level: Partylicious  
Midnight attraction chance   Midnight attraction chance: 2%  



If you want to taste the spirit of Christmas, then this is the mocktail for you. Only available from Santa or his three little Diviad helpers.


The mistletoe mocktail mocktail is a limited-edition mocktail created especially for the holiday season and Celebration Week I and not otherwise available.


You can not:

  • sell, gift or trade mistletoe mocktail mocktails to another player;
  • get a refund on mistletoe mocktail mocktails; or
  • make more mistletoe mocktail mocktails at any time (there is no recipe for you to purchase).


The mistletoe mocktail mocktail, like the other mocktails, is not subject to Angel's Share, will always attract a ghost, and can not be stolen by any ghost.

Mocktails like the mistletoe mocktail can attract party ghosts as well as normal ghosts, midnight ghosts, and many special ghosts.

Ghost and locations

Mistletoe mocktail was occasionally dropped as ghost loot in all non-raiding locations during Celebration Week I by:


  • 18 December 2009: The mistletoe mocktail mocktail was first mentioned in Virtual Scotland as a mission reward and is the first mocktail, a non-alcoholic cocktail.
  • 19 December 2009: The mistletoe mocktail mocktail gains the midnight attraction attribute.

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