McWallace winter residence

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McWallace winter residence
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When the portals open and strange castles manifest, there is one castle from the cold East which the McWallace clan uses as its winter residence. The McWallaces have a long friendship with some Eastern ghosts, some of them which will pay a visit to Scotland during these special times.


Agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. must have at least 6,500,000 XP and a Ticket to Lothian to visit McWallace winter residence.


The first time you travel to McWallace winter residence, you must pay 50,000 £. After that payment is made once, there is no cost to travel to or from McWallace winter residence at the beginning or end of a special event. There is also no cost to travel between McWallace winter residence and any other special event location.

Travel from McWallace winter residence to any new-to-you non-raiding location during a special event will cost the normal amount to reach that location. Travel from McWallace winter residence to any previously unlocked location also has no cost.


The ghosts and monsters you can find in McWallace winter residence during Haunted week special events include:

Ghost Type Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Brute force Light Thawing
Trap type
Bear cavalry ghost     Bear cavalry ghost
Beithir     Beithir
Monster Golden plasma Gold
Boandlkramer reaper     Boandlkramer reaper
Midnight Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png resists Brute force You must have a traditional mechanism (or a companion that helps you to trap these ghosts) to trap this ghost
Candlekeeper     Candlekeeper
Monster Golden plasma Gold
Crimson gargoyle     Crimson gargoyle
Secret UV
Czar ghost     Czar ghost
Monster Golden plasma Gold
Eastern champion ghost     Eastern champion ghost
Special Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png
Freaky nightmare ghost     Freaky nightmare ghost
Secret UV
Frozen icequeen ghost     Frozen icequeen ghost
Special midnight party
Future android     Future android
Monster Golden plasma Gold
Ghost in a bottle     Ghost in a bottle
Monster Golden plasma Gold
Haunting temptress ghost     Haunting temptress ghost
Heliodor gargoyle     Heliodor gargoyle
Secret Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png IY
Icebear cavalry ghost     Icebear cavalry ghost
Special midnight
Icequeen ghost     Icequeen ghost
Special party
Jade gargoyle     Jade gargoyle
Secret GG
Naughty she-devil ghost     Naughty she-devil ghost
Special midnight
Pale reaper     Pale reaper
Special Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png You need an arcane mechanism to catch this ghost
Papa shango ghost     Papa shango ghost
Secret IY
Perestroika ghost     Perestroika ghost
Pinkeyed zombie ghost     Pinkeyed zombie ghost
Secret UV
RGB dragon     RGB dragon
Monster Golden plasma Gold
Raven-haired rune reader ghost     Raven-haired rune reader ghost
Special midnight
Retro robot     Retro robot
Monster Golden plasma Gold
Rhodolite gargoyle     Rhodolite gargoyle
Secret Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Rhombus red light
Ruling czar ghost     Ruling czar ghost
Special midnight
Rune reader ghost     Rune reader ghost
She-devil ghost     She-devil ghost
Speeding stagecoach ghost     Speeding stagecoach ghost
Secret GG
Monster Golden plasma Gold
Underdog ghost     Underdog ghost
Special midnight Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png

Vintage bear cavalry ghost     Vintage bear cavalry ghost
Secret Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Vintage attraction
Vintage czar ghost     Vintage czar ghost
Secret Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Vintage attraction
Vintage Guy Fawkes ghost     Vintage Guy Fawkes ghost
Secret Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Vintage attraction
Widow temptress     Widow temptress ghost
Special midnight
Winterly Perestroika ghost     Winterly Perestroika ghost
Special midnight

Special ghosts

Special, gift, and seasonal ghosts can also be trapped in McWallace winter residence, since they can be found in all non-raiding locations in Virtual Scotland.

Mythic-creature ghosts

The special ghosts include such Nessy's-loving ghosts as the Ghost Nessy, Cu Sith, Kelpie, Selkie, Glowing Ghost Nessy, Howling Cu Sith, Luring Kelpie, Moonlight Selkie, Glaistig ghost, Green glaistig ghost, the Banshee ghost and the Shrieking banshee ghost.

Randomly-appearing and prize ghosts

In addition, the Golden ghost, the Shiny golden ghost, the Rainbow ghost, the Magic Rainbow ghost, and the Star rainbow ghost are all available (in very small numbers) to be caught in McWallace winter residence.

During special events in the winter wonderland, the Aurora ghost may be captured, while the rainbow ghosts, magic rainbow ghosts, and star rainbow ghosts take a vacation in an exotic hideaway.

Gift ghosts

The gift ghosts that are available are the Friendship ghost, Love ghost, Birthday ghost, Get well ghost and the Hope ghost. During the Christmas holiday season, the Christmas elf ghost is also available to be gifted.

Rewards information

Rewards information for those special and seasonal ghosts are also available at the page about all non-raiding locations and the ghosts that can appear in them.

Seasonal special ghost calendar

To find out when (and which) seasonal ghosts may be available next, check out the current seasonal ghost calendar.


Loot may occasionally be dropped in McWallace winter residence and in all non-raiding locations by special ghosts and by ghost monsters. For details see the special and ghost monsters loot list.

Ghost plasma, chrono crystal fragments, special edition magic potions (except for Glengreen purple and Moormist purple), and some companions are also occasionally dropped here.

Souvenir loot

The following souvenir can only be found in McWallace winter residence:

Souvenirs found in all non-raiding locations

The souvenirs of the following collections can be found in all non-raiding locations, including in McWallace winter residence:

Time-limited souvenirs

If McWallace winter residence is open during the time that a special seasonal ghost drops a souvenir, that souvenir will also be available here. Possible souvenirs of this type include:


S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ is an interesting place, with treasures to be found in many different corners of its outpost in McWallace winter residence:


At the bar in S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ in McWallace winter residence, Charles the bartender has a more limited selection available in McWallace winter residence than in many other locations.

You cannot buy any of the usual magic potions from the green family. Silver star green, Moonshadow green, Moormist green, and Glengreen green are not available for sale in McWallace winter residence.

Charles has a selection of recipes available for purchase if you haven't filled out your recipe library yet.

He is also always ready to help with your mixology needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just bring him the magic potions and the appropriate mixer, and Charles will have a batch of your favourite mocktail ready for you almost instantaneously.

Bar history

The Green Goddess mocktail was available for purchase during Haunted Week VI in the bar at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ in McWallace winter residence, at £3,000 per bottle.

Beginning with Haunted Week V, the Green goddess mocktail was no longer for sale at the bar in McWallace winter residence.


Professor Gadgeteer has no mechanisms for sale in McWallace winter residence.


Dr Elizabeth Grimely has no magic circles for sale in McWallace winter residence.


  • 13 July 2010: McWallace winter residence made its first appearance ever in GT's Virtual Scotland for Haunted Week IV.
  • 21 March 2018: The golden monsters made their debut in McWallace winter residence at the beginning of HW 20.

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