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McDougan gamemaster room
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Lord McDougan was an avid chess player. On his way to becoming a grandmaster, he had one of the many rooms of Castle McDougan transformed into a giant chessboard. After his demise by his not-so-faithful butler, he now has an eternity to study new chess openings and plays with his fellow ghosts who serve as chess pieces.

Once a day, the ghosts of Castle McDougan gather to begin a game of chess in honour of their former lord. The winning side, of course, gets some rare Moormist purple.


You must have at least 2,001 XP to travel to the McDougan gamemaster room.


The ghosts here are smart — they will adapt to the level of the players in your group. In other words, if a unit of ghost trappers who are all in Region 3 comes to McDougan gamemaster room, they will meet ghosts who will still be a distinct challenge for them.

The following ghosts have been spotted in McDougan gamemaster room:

Ghost Notes Type Strength XP minimum XP maximum £££ minimum £££ maximum Special loot
Ghost headshots-Pawn ghost.png     Pawn ghost
Minion Weak 111 123 305 346
Ghost headshots-Chess knight ghost.png     Chess knight ghost
Minion Scary 125 140 350 399
Ghost headshots-Bishop ghost.png     Bishop ghost
Minion Frightening 141 159 453 498
Ghost headshots-Rook ghost.png     Rook ghost
Icon mystic power resistance medium.png Minion Terrifying 170 195 550 600
Ghost headshots-King ghost.png     King ghost
Boss Epic 355 500 3026 3461

*  Icon mystic power resistance medium.png  indicates a mystic-resistant ghost.

Minimum and maximum values are given as reported, with no allowance for the effect of XP or cash-enhancing baits, contracts, or companions.


The following items have been known to be dropped as ghost loot in McDougan gamemaster room:


  • 24 January 2010: McDougan gamemaster room first becomes available for visits by agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.

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