Maya Yendri

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Maya Yendri
Contracts-Maya Yendri.jpg
Raw power    Power bonus: 5  
Loot chance multiplier     Loot chance multiplier: x2  
 Purify    Purify bonus: 5% 
Attribute icon-TSC.png    Cooldown change: −2 mins 



Being a composer for dark music makes it easy for Maya to attune to infernal traps. She has learned how to enhance the power of such mechanisms, but at the same time how to reduce their risk.

Contract effects

The Maya Yendri contract gives you the following benefits for your trap setup:

Additional information


Maya Yendri is an infernal contract and therefore works only with infernal trap mechanisms.


The Maya Yendri contract will be used to modify these mechanisms:


Donation thank-you

You can receive the Maya Yendri contract as a thank-you when you make a one-time donation to support the ongoing development of Ghost Trappers. See the in-game Donations page for additional details about pricing and currency options.

Both the Maya Yendri contract and the appropriate number of bottles of Nessy's and Shadetouch crates for your donation will be transferred to your inventory once the transaction is completed.

You can make a donation on behalf of another player and select the Maya Yendri contract as the thank-you item that other player will receive.


  • 7 January 2011: Maya Yendri contract was posted by Andi Huller.
  • 10 January 2011: Maya Yendri contract becomes available as a thank-you when you make a donation.

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