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News notes:

The changes that are part of the cleanup are substantial and are going to require a lot of re-work of existing wiki content.

Please do us a couple of favors:
  • Do not write to us in the next 24 hours and tell us that something is missing ... we will be adding content, images, etc., as quickly as we can.
  • When you find something that is a problem, please give us a link to the page you are talking about! There are more than 2200 pages in this wiki and we are not mind readers.
  • Constructive suggestions (as in "Gee, wouldn't it be cool if we had x/y/z in the wiki?") are always welcome.
  • Generalized bitching about things that are "wrong" without pointers to what you are talking about are not.

    7 July 2014
    The wiki staff
New and newsworthy pages!

                     SPOILER ALERT!
If you don't want to see pictures of ghosts before you catch them, please avoid all of the ghost pages.

The information in this wiki has been gathered by players who want to share what they've learned about the game. This means that the answers to many questions about the game are compiled in the wiki.

If you prefer to discover everything on your own, this site may affect your enjoyment of the game.

Ghost Trappers (Stand-alone Ghost Trappers (Ghost Trappers on FB) is a passive game originally developed for Facebook and created by Diviad Gmbh. It takes place in Virtual Scotland: a fantasy version of Scotland. Players assume the roles of agents whose tasks are to expose funny ghosts to the unsuspecting world. They do so by taking pictures of the ghosts and collecting them in their photo album. Ghosts can be lured into the traps with the thing they love most: magic potions and concoctions made with magic potions! Now Alien visitors have joined the mix, and new skills are needed.

The Ghost Trappers Wiki, or GTWiki for short, is here to help both newbies and veteran players by providing a readily accessible knowledge base covering all aspects of gameplay.

Want to help? This site is built by players, for players. And we'd love to have your help!

We do our Most Unexceptional to keep you informed about new ghosts and locations, gameplay changes, or any changes to the information we have about set-up items as quickly as possible.

The GT wiki has a lot of pages. More pages that we can keep track of, really ...

New index pages to help you find stuff more easily

Adversaries—a detailed index to different ghost grouping pages

Bait—a detailed index to bait-related pages

Companions—a detailed index to companion-related pages

Locations-an index to location-related pages

Traps—a detailed index to mechanisms, magic circles, and other trap-related pages

Important summary pages

Stats and their definitions/links

Minimum XP requirements

How much cash do I need

Location set-up guide

All adversaries and their locations in a sortable table

Problems & Questions

Bugs, errors, & odd messages
Fix-it links
Donation issues
Forum moderators & general troubleshooting
Wiki problems or issues
Big picture

GT Terms of Service


Ghost Puzzlers  ~   Tips & Tricks
Spooky's adventure  ~   Words with ghosts


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