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Most ghosts love magic potions. Therefore, a magic potion makes a great bait for your trap.

For those ghosts who prefer their drinks mixed, you will be able to mix your magic potion supplies with mixers to create mocktails once you've reached Region 2 Borders in the game and acquired the appropriate recipes and mixers.

Purchased magic potions

Note that all brands of purchased magic potions (except Nessy's Golden Reserve) refund at their purchase price.

Magic potion Name Attraction level Cost Description Bonus
Magic potions-Silver star-green.jpg Silver star green 1 Very low £10 This popular magic potion is a solid base for attracting the most common ghosts. However, more rare ghosts prefer more magical stuff. Recommended if you want to avoid stronger ghosts.
Magic potions-Moonshadow-green.jpg Moonshadow green 2 Low £50 This magic potion is a good start for daring hunters who venture into the more scary locations since it might attract some stronger ghosts.
Magic potions-Moormist-green.jpg Moormist green 3 Moderate £75 This potent magic potion attracts the rarer ghosts of Scotland. An excellent choice for experienced hunters.
Magic potions-Glengreens-green.jpg Glengreen green 4 Reasonable £100 Glengreen is a very strong magic potion that will attract almost all ghosts. Truely for veterans and those who are not easily scared!
Magic potions-Whisperwind-green.jpg Whisperwind green 4 Reasonable £200 This magic potion was developed by a femme fatale. So it consists of many tears, broken hearts and many sorrows. Exactly the stuff that some ghosts find attractive! Icon mystic power.png
Whisky-Nessy's.jpg Nessy's Golden Reserve 6 Very High Donations / Market value* Rumoured to use the magical waters of Loch Ness, this legendary magic potion will attract all ghosts of Scotland, even prize ghosts, ghost monsters and some ghosts that are only attracted to "Nessy's"! The power of that potion is so strong that neither ghosts will steal it nor does it fail to attract a ghost. Simply liquid magic! Icon mystic power.png Icon stcbreaker.png Attributes-Malty mist icon.pngSanguine scentMagic attunement Magic ritual Brute force Stun beam
* Nessy's Golden Reserve is available to those who donate to the game, receive it as ghost loot or via trade with other players on the official Ghost Trappers forums.

Acquiring magic potions

Some magic potions can be bought in the Bar at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ.

Other magic potions can be received as ghost loot or can be traded for. There are currently two ways that magic potions can be traded in the game:

Choosing magic potions

Some magic potions can attract rarer ghosts, some improve the power of your trap, and others give you special bonuses.

The fact that one magic potion is more expensive than another just means that it is different and has more exotic properties. It isn't necessarily stronger — or better for you to use!

Angels' share

Most of the magic potions available in the game are subject to the Angels' Share — the amount of magic potions which evaporates through the wood of the barrel. Good magic potions can be enjoyed by men and angels alike.

However, Nessy's Golden Reserve and mocktails are special. These baits will never be stolen, are not affected by angels' share, and will always attract a ghost.


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