Liquid ember

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Liquid ember
Magic potions-Liquid ember.jpg
Special edition magic potion
Attraction level    Attraction level: Low  
 Mystic power    Mystic power bonus: 2  
 Cash bonus    Reward bonus: 6% 
 Icons-XP bonus.png    XP bonus: 6% 
Midnight attraction chance   Midnight attraction chance: 2%  
 Sanguine scent    Sanguine scent: 1  



Liquid ember is a magic potion that is often attractive to vampire lords and ladies..


Liquid ember gives you:

  • For your trap:
    • 2 mystic power bonus;
    • 2% midnight attraction bonus; and
    • 1 sanguine scent.
  • For each ghost you catch with liquid ember:
    • 6% XP bonus; and
    • 6% cash bonus.


Ghosts and locations

Liquid ember is occasionally dropped as ghost loot in all non-raiding locations by:

Hidden treasures

Hidden treasures is a vulnerability bonus that an agent sometimes receives when trapping certain ghosts with specific trap mechanism types. You can gain a special bonus by using a mechanism of that type to catch such a ghost. Liquid ember can be that special bonus.

Assist loot

You may occasionally receive liquid ember as a thank-you for helping another player collect the clicks necessary to trap a monster.


There are currently two ways that Liquid ember can be traded in the game:


You can sell, trade, or gift liquid embers to another player.


  • 5 July 2011: The liquid ember magic potion was first mentioned (but not yet released) in Ghost Trappers.
  • 9 July 2011: The liquid ember was added to Ghost Trappers as part of a special mission reward.

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