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Companion gifts-Lavender.jpg
Flowers companion gift



Lavender is one of the companion gifts and is part of the Flowers group.


Lavender is occasionally dropped as loot by various ghosts:


Lavender is occasionally dropped as loot by various ghosts:

Ghost Region Location
Parasaurolophus All Locations All non-raiding locations
Tricertops All Locations All non-raiding locations

Who loves lavenders?

Some companions love lavenders; some companions like lavenders; and some companions hate lavenders.

Which is which? The following table will help you know how many affection points you'll get for giving lavenders to the companions that like or love them.

Companion Points
Angel 25
Armadillo 50
Badger 45
Birdie 55
Bronto 15
Bunny15px-Blue star.jpg 35
Celestial ghost 15
Cerberus 5
Cu sith 15
Doe 35
Dragonette whelp 25
Eagle 30
Easter fledgling 15
Easter ghost 15
El diablo 55
Emerald forgotten one 20
Ethereal cow 10
Ferret 35
Forest whelp 10
Glacier dragon whelp 35
Goat 50
Hamster 40
Hedgehog 45
Iguana 10
Leprechaun companion 35
Nessy 45
Owl 10
Pit pony 45
Planar ghost 30
Pony 50
Raccoon15px-Blue star.jpg 25
Red panda 40
Sacred whelp 30
Sheep 55
Snake 15
Squirrel15px-Blue star.jpg 5
Summer whelp 55
Swallowtail butterfly 15
Turtle15px-Blue star.jpg 15
Unicorn 60
Violet colibri 45

15px-Blue star.jpg = Companions with a blue star have both a regular and a special version.


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