Laser shark basin

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Laser shark basin
Mechanism-Laser shark basin.jpg
High tech mechanism
Attribute icon-Raw power.png    Power: 305 
Mystic power    Mystic power:
Burner    Burner effect: +1 bottle  
 Thawing    Chance to thaw a frozen ghost: 5% 
Attribute icon-XP.png    XP required: 15,000,000 
Attribute icon-Costs.png Cost: £30,000,000 
Attribute icon-Plasma costs.png Plasma cost: 10 ghost plasma

Attribute icon-Costs.png Refund value: (6,000,000 £)



Ghosts are so crazy for malty magic potions that would dive into a huge fish tank. Of course they know nothing about the big shark with a mighty laser gun in there.

Additional information


The laser shark basin mechanism can be purchased in:


The laser shark basin is a high tech trap mechanism.


The laser shark basin mechanism has a bio counterpart, the shark basin mechanism.


The laser shark basin mechanism can be modified by negotiating a contract with:


  • 10 January 2011: The laser shark basin mechanism first became available for purchase in Virtual Scotland by agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.
  • 20 May 2015: The laser shark basin mechanism was buffed with thawing.

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