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The kiss collection is a set of souvenirs that can only be received as loot from the various temptress ghosts.


The souvenirs that are part of the kiss collection are:

Souvenir Region found Specific locations Ghost
Blue kiss Dumfries and Galloway Glenluck Abbey
Castle McDougan
Sexy temptress ghost
Red kiss Dumfries and Galloway Loch Trool
Glenluck Abbey
Castle McDougan
Vain temptress ghost
Pink kiss Borders Castle McWallace
Kilwittig House
Loch Muir
Castle McKenny
Heartbreaking temptress ghost
Green kiss Strathclyde Wellsington Tower
Dormont Cemetery
Castle McDonohan
Count Church
Green-eyed Temptress
White kiss Lothian Kirkyard

Duke Leyton

Crows Hills

Stonecold temptress ghost
During special events in each region at the following locations:

Region 2 Borders

Region 3 Strathclyde

Region 4 Lothian

Region 5 Fife

Widow temptress ghost

Collection bonus

Complete the kiss collection and you will receive:

Individual souvenirs

Souvenirs-Blue lips.png

Blue kiss

The blue kiss souvenir can only be obtained from:

Souvenirs-Red lips.png

Red kiss

The red kiss souvenir can only be obtained from:

Souvenirs-Pink lips.png

Pink kiss

The pink kiss souvenir can only be obtained from:

Souvenirs-Green lips.png

Green kiss

The green kiss souvenir can only be obtained from:

Souvenirs-White lips.png

White kiss

The white kiss souvenir can be obtained from:

The white kiss souvenir can also be obtained during special events from the widow temptress ghost in the following special events locations:


  • 18 October 2010: The kiss collection was added to Ghost Trappers.

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