Kirkyard Cemetery

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Kirkyard Cemetery
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Kirkyard Cemetery is both a location and a hunting area.

Kirkyard Cemetery is a scary, old cemetery with a big mausoleum at its centre. The mausoleum is rumoured to hold strange secrets, but a magical lock prevents agents from entering.


You must have 6,500,000 XP and 250,000 £ to travel to Kirkyard Cemetery. That travel fee is a one-time only fee, and after you have paid it once, you can freely travel between Kirkyard Cemetery and any other location you have paid the travel fee for and unlocked.


Kirkyard Cemetery has a trapdoor to the spider den.

If you fall through the trapdoor you have a chance to attract the crystal spider monsters with either an active jurassic plasma cauldron or an active rhombus-red light cauldron using blood plasma.

You will still also be attracting the usual range of ghosts that can appear in Kirkyard Cemetery, including secret ghosts (unless your camera is deactivated), dino monsters or red monsters (depending on your cauldron), any of the seasonal special ghosts that are active at the time, and, depending on your bait, any of the other special ghosts.


Kirkyard is not an easy place to hunt ... in addition to the Kirkyard Cemetery, it contains two other hunting grounds:


The following normal ghosts, midnight ghosts, and Lothian-specific special ghosts can be captured in Level 1 Kirkyard Cemetery:

Ghost Notes Type Strength XP minimum XP maximum £££ minimum £££ maximum Special loot
Ghost witch Normal ghost
Very weak
725 750 3500 3800
Stagecoach ghost Normal ghost
735 760 3600 3900
Stone gargoyle Normal ghost
755 785 3700 4000
Archaeologist ghost Normal ghost
765 795 3800 4100
Zombie ghost Icon mystic power resistance medium.png Normal ghost
775 805 3900 4200
Wicked ghost witch Midnight ghost
725 750 3500 3800
Reckless stagecoach ghost Midnight ghost
735 765 3600 3900
Awakened stone gargoyle Midnight ghost
755 785 3700 4000
Startled archaeologist ghost Midnight ghost
765 795 3800 4100
Chainsawed zombie ghost Icon mystic power resistance medium.png Midnight ghost
775 805 3900 4200
Blues ghost     Blues ghost
Beta-ray blue Secret ghost
Dungarees ghost     Dungarees ghost
Beta-ray blue Secret ghost
Marauder ghost     Marauder ghost
Beta-ray blue Secret ghost
Ming porcelain ghost     Ming porcelain ghost
Beta-ray blue Secret ghost
Once in a blue moon ghost     Once in a blue moon ghost
Beta-ray blue Secret ghost
Peacock temptress     Peacock temptress
Beta-ray blue Icons-Mystic power resistance medium.png Secret ghost
Shark ghost     Shark ghost
Beta-ray blue Secret ghost
Siren ghost     Siren ghost
Beta-ray blue Brute force ONLY Secret ghost
Stonecold temptress ghost Special ghost 999Heartcrushing 800 845 4000 4500
Whale ghost     Whale ghost
Beta-ray blue Secret ghost
Freaky nightmare ghost UV Secret ghost Nightmarish
Papa Shango ghost IY Secret ghost Hexing
Pinkeyed zombie ghost Icon mystic power resistance medium.png UV Secret ghost Zombieee
Speeding stagecoach ghost GG Secret ghost Uncommon
Vintage ghost witch Vintage attraction Vintage ghost Vintage
Vintage zombie ghost Icon mystic power resistance medium.png Vintage attraction Vintage ghost Vintage

*  Icon mystic power resistance medium.png  indicates a mystic-resistant ghost.

Special ghosts

The Stonecold temptress ghost listed above is a special ghost because of the difficulty in catching it.

Special, gift, and seasonal ghosts can also be trapped in Kirkyard Cemetery, since they can be found in all non-raiding locations in Virtual Scotland.

To find out when (and which) seasonal ghosts may be available next, check out the seasonal ghost calendar.

Rewards information for those special and seasonal ghosts is available on the all non-raiding locations page.


Loot may occasionally be dropped in Kirkyard Cemetery and in all non-raiding locations by special ghosts and by ghost monsters. For details see the special and ghost monsters loot list.

Ghost plasma, chrono crystal fragments, special edition magic potions (except for Glengreen purple and Moormist purple), and some companions are also occasionally dropped here.

The following mixers are also occasionally dropped in Kirkyard Cemetery:


S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ is an interesting place, with treasures to be found in many different corners of its outpost in Kirkyard Cemetery:


At the bar in S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ in Kirkyard Cemetery, Charles the bartender has his usual fine collection of vintages available for sale.

Charles also has a new recipe available for purchase by intrepid agents, the Nightcap: it's a special favorite of the ghosts on Level 3 Kirkyard Crypt. Charles also has a complete selection of other recipes available for purchase if you haven't filled out your recipe library yet.

He can always offer you a refund on bottles of Highland Pride if you'd like.

Charles is also always ready to help with your mixology needs, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just bring the magic potion and the appropriate mixer, and Charles will have a batch of your favorite mocktail ready for you almost instantaneously.


Professor Gadgeteer has the following mechanisms available for sale in Kirkyard Cemetery:

Mechanism Power Mystic power
Damocles array‎ 250 15

Max E. Million 260 0


Dr Elizabeth Grimely and her staff of mystic artists in Kirkyard Cemetery have the following magic circle available to power your ghost-trapping set-up:

Magic circles Power Mystic power
Bottled fireflies 100 10


Always review all of the information about a mechanism or magic circle on its own page before purchasing. The information here is only a brief synopsis provided as a convenience but does not include many of the important details you should take into consideration.


  • 13 March 2010: Kirkyard Cemetery first opened its doors to hunting by agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.
  • 13 March 2010: The travel costs to travel to Kirkyard Cemetery was increased to £250,000 from the original £200,000 shortly after the doors opened.

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