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The jurassic collection is a set of souvenirs that can only be received as loot from the various ghost dino monsters and raiding dino's.


The souvenirs that are part of the jurassic collection are:

Souvenir Region found Specific locations Ghost
T-rex skull (Jurassic) All regions All locations Tyrannosaurus rex
Stegosaurus scale All regions All locations Stegosaurus ghost
Triceratops horn All regions All locations Triceratops ghost
Amber Borders The lost island Dimetrodus ghost
Footprint Borders The lost island Velociraptor ghost

Collection bonus

Complete the jurassic collection and you will receive:

Jurassic plasma loot hunters

The following companions each have a jurassic plasma loot hunter attribute:

These are the companions to use when you want to take advantage of this collection bonus.

Individual souvenirs

Souvenirs-T-rex skull (Jurassic).png

T-rex skull (Jurassic)

The T-rex skull souvenir can only be obtained from:

Souvenirs-Stegosaurus scale.png

Stegosaurus scale

The stegosaurus scale souvenir can only be obtained from:

Souvenirs-Triceratops horn.png

Triceratops horn

The triceratops horn souvenir can only be obtained from:



The amber souvenir can only be obtained from:



The footprint souvenir can only be obtained from:


  • 18 October 2010: The jurassic collection was added to Ghost Trappers.

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