Jura atomizer

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Jura atomizer
Cauldrons-Jura atomizer.jpg
Basic jurassic cauldron
 Malty mist     Malty mist: +2  
Attribute icon-Costs.png Cost: £5,000 

Attribute icon-Costs.png Refund value: (2,000 £)



The Jura atomizer is used for attracting ghost dino monsters!


The Jura atomizer can be activated with a piece of jurassic plasma.


Malty mist

The Jura atomizer has 2 malty mist.

Active attributes

The Jura atomizer's malty mist is counted as part of your set-up even if you do not have any jurassic plasma currently in it.


The Jura atomizer can be purchased in the Laboratory at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ for £5,000.


  • 13 September 2010: The Jura atomizer is introduced to all agents of Ghost Trappers.

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