Irish kraken

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Irish kraken
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Monster ghost
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Legend has it that the Kraken is the biggest beast in the sea, even larger than the Nessy! Irish krakens may be a little smaller, but they are just as tough and even tougher after they've consumed a few magic potions (and maybe a few agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. for dessert?) !

Mechanics and strategy

Cauldrons-Standard cauldron.jpg     Cauldrons-Witch cauldron.jpg    Cauldrons-Mystic cauldron.jpg

Plasma and cauldrons

Use ghost plasma and a standard ghost plasma cauldron to try to attract the Irish kraken. It's tough — lots of people have chosen to use the Irrelevance talent from the Adventurer talent tree to remove other monsters their setup attracts while hunting the Irish kraken.

Assist clicks

It takes 120 assist clicks from other agents to capture an Irish kraken. The number of clicks required can be reduced by the monsterslayer stat in your setup.

Additional info


The Irish kraken can be captured in Castle McCloud nightmare mode in Dumfries and Galloway.

Special event location

The Irish kraken can also be captured during special events in Castle McIngverson nightmare mode.


The Irish kraken has been known to occasionally drop the following types of ghost loot:

Mockery loot

If you have the mockery stat in your setup (through the talent tree bonus or because of an accessory, companion or contract with the stat} you may occasionally have between 2 and 10 mocktails added to other loot drops from the Irish kraken. Because these mockery drops are so dependent on a player's individual setup and cannot be relied upon, none of the mocktails are included in the loot list above. The entire list of possible mocktails that may be dropped is on the mocktails page.

Mockery stat drops can be distinguished from a normal loot drop as follows:

A standard loot drop of a mocktail     5x Cherry bomb
A mockery stat caused] loot drop of a mocktail     5 Devil driver

{{snowflake loot | name = Irish kraken


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