Hunting cooldown

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Hunting cooldown
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Hunting cooldown: the period you must wait after a hunt before you can hunt again. When agents first begin Ghost Trappers, their cooldown (after the first few hunts) is set at 15 minutes. This is also the cooldown time if none of the components of your set-up have an affect on cooldown time. A hunting cooldown change is sometimes referred to as a T/sC (Time/space coninuum).

Some trap mechanisms, magic circles, and contracts add minutes to your cooldown so that you have to wait longer than the normal 15 minutes for your next hunt.

Other mechanisms, magic circles, contracts, bait and companions subtract minutes from your cooldown, so that you have a shorter than normal time to wait.

Your cooldown time can not be reduced below 2 minutes. This is an absolute minimum cooldown time and occasionally results in some players not receiving the full benefit of all the cooldown reductions available in their set-up or from game buffs like temporal flux.

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