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The high roller stat increases your chance of finding better items when you play the Gambling mini-game within Ghost Trappers and select a hat.


The more of the items shown under the equipment index you have in your setup, the better chance you have of it acivating when you play the Gambling mini-game and increasing your chance of receiving better items.

The value of the different items' high roller are added together to reach your total high roller stat.

Equipment index

The following pieces of equipment will add the high roller stat to your setup:

Item Type Power type
if appropriate
High roller or
High roller change
Astro crystal     Astro crystal
Chrono crystal 2
Biscuit bog     Biscuit bog
Mechanism Infernal 1
Christmas pyramid     Christmas pyramid
Mechanism Traditional 1
Cinnamon star candles     Cinnamon star candles
Magic circle 1
Cockwomble     Cockwomble
Contract Outworldly 3
Diamond crystal     Diamond crystal
Chrono crystal 3
Earth badge     Earth badge
Accessory 4
Francine the cursed mime     Francine the cursed mime
Contract Magic circles 7
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
High roller value
Gambling ghost pigeon     Gambling ghost pigeon
Companion 3
Gambling shark     Gambling shark
Companion 3
GT chip     GT chip
Accessory 2
Haunted roulette     Haunted roulette
Accessory 4
Hearts collection     Hearts collection
Collection bonus 3
High roller agent     High roller agent
ID badge 1
Krampus     Krampus
Contract Magic circles 5
Master Mentalist Morris     Master Mentalist Morris
Contract Outworldly 7
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
High roller value
Nebula cauldron     Nebula cauldron
Cauldron 1
Poker chip holder     Poker chip holder
Accessory 7
Queen of Hearts contract     Queen of Hearts contract
Contract Traditional 4
Rainbow dragon whelp     Rainbow dragon whelp
Companion 7
Red starfish     Red starfish
Companion 2
Royal flush agent     Royal flush agent
Accessory 2
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
High roller value
Santa's sleigh     Santa's sleigh
Accessory 3
Showgirl Lola     Showgirl Lola
Contract Infernal 2
Sir John     Sir John
Contract Traditional 5
Starland agent}link=Starland agent     Starland agent
ID badge 1
Sweet despair     Sweet despair
Mocktail 2
Tentacamacle     Tentacamacle
Camera 7
The Gingerbread Lady     The Gingerbread Lady
Contract Bio 3
Wicked slot machine     Wicked slot machine
Mechanism High tech 5
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
High roller value


  • 30 November 2016: The high roller stat was officially added to Ghost Trappers with the introduction of the Gambling mini-game,

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