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The heroism stat will help you automatically catch a monster without having to ask for help or send it into the live feed...


The more of the items shown under the equipment index you have in your setup, the higher your chances of gaining the heroism stat stat.

The value of the different items' heroism stat are added together to reach your total heroism stat stat value.

Equipment index

The following pieces of equipment will add the heroism stat stat to your setup:

Item Type Power type
if appropriate
or Notes if relevant
Heroism stat value
Ambrosia candles     Ambrosia candles
Magic circle 2
Apprentice Mia     Apprentice Mia
Contract Infernal 1
Bob the boardgamer     Bob the boardgamer
Contract Outworldly 1
Christmas crystal     Christmas crystal
Chrono crystal 3
Christmas dessert collection     Christmas dessert collection
Collection bonus 2
Christmas oven     Christmas oven
Accessory 2
Dauntless terrier     Dauntless terrier
Companion 3
Dr. Ninja     Dr. Ninja
Contract High tech 1
Fangirl Mandy     Fangirl Mandy
Contract Magic circles 2
Festive camera     Festive camera
Camera 3
Festive cauldron     Festive cauldron
Cauldron 3
Festive dragon whelp     Festive dragon whelp
Companion 3
LINK=Ghost Trappers 10th anniversary cake     Ghost Trappers 10th anniversary cake
Accessory 1
Golden Lady Sophia     Golden Lady Sophia
Contract Arcane 1
Hot chocolate     Hot chocolate
Bait 3
Mr Regular Person     Mr Regular Person
Contract Traditional 1
Mrs Gingerbread     Mrs Gingerbread
Contract Magic circles 1
Portal collection     Portal collection
Collection bonus 2
Queen of the Sea     Queen of the Sea
Contract Bio 1
Santa bag     Santa bag
Accessory 2
Silver wolf     Silver wolf
Companion 1
Willis McLane     Willis McLane
Contract Magic circles 3
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Heroism stat value


  • 7 December 2018: The heroism stat stat was first seen in the sort lists in each player's inventory. Currently that is all the information we have.

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