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If so, we're delighted to hear from you! Here's how to get involved:

First, please read the Wiki Terms of Service and the GT Terms of Service. They are important -- and if you think you'd have a problem with following the TOS, then please take your energy elsewhere.

Second, If you'd still like to contribute, please create an account and take care of a couple of other housekeeping tasks.


Being a wiki editor

You have a responsibility to the entire Ghost Trappers community when you become a wiki editor. Personal feelings, assumptions, and interpretations don't belong here ... we're trying to create the best, most accessible and useful resource for GT players that we can. That means sticking to the facts!

If you post personal opinion or commentary, expect to have it deleted and to receive a message asking you to take the commentary or opinion elsewhere.

Style guide

We have a Style guide that describes how we do many common editing tasks, how we name pages, create links, and other topics. Review that page before making any changes.

Update guide

Also review the Update procedures page. If you do only part of the work that is necessary to update information, you not only create more work for the senior editors, you make the entire wiki staff look bad.

Wiki syntax

If you're not familiar with wiki syntax, use the "Edit" tab on any page to first take a look at some wiki code.

You can find additional syntax help at Editing help through the "links for editors" group on the sidebar.

Editing framework

The goal in editing GTWiki is to bring professionalism and experience to the wiki and make it a better place for everyone, but especially for the newer users who come here to learn about this game. If we've edited your work or proposed it for deletion, it's not because we're having a bad day or because we're an anal-retentive douchebag with no sense of humor. It's because we saw an opportunity to make GTWiki better. We absolutely guarantee it's nothing personal and we hope you won't take it as such. We know that's asking a lot and it can be painful to see your work edited by a faceless stranger, but such is the nature of wikis.

Please also note that the purpose of GTWiki is not to be a public billboard for any Facebook group, a forum for showcasing your new ideas, or a playground to have some fun and create joke pages. There are countless places online for you to share your ideas and to have fun without restrictions; this, however, is not one of them.

Getting involved

Small edits

If you want to fix a typo, make a correction, or quickly add new information to a page, feel free to do so by going to the appropriate page, clicking on the edit box, and going to work. Note: Please make the sysops' lives easier by taking a few seconds to tell us what you've done in the Edit summary box at the end of the page or section.

For at least the first two weeks you are working on the wiki, stick to making this type of small change.

Double-check your work

Please always use preview to check what you've done before you save your work and leave the page! This is particularly important when you're working in a table, but make doing so a habit! Lots of things that don't look like errors in an editing view jump out at you as soon as you look at the formatted page.

Communicating with others

If you have questions about the information on a given page, you can ask those questions or begin a discussion on the "Discussion" page associated with that page.

You can always leave a message for another editor or sysop by going to their "Talk:Username" page. Use the "+" button at the top of the page to add a new section, with a title, so that your comments will be easy to find and won't run into someone else's. Also make sure they know who the comment is from by signing your comment when you are done — the next to last button above the edit window (the one with what could be some cursive script in it) will insert your signature automatically.

Babies and bathwater

There is a common saying abut not throwing out babies with the bathwater.

It is wise to keep this sentiment in mind when commenting or criticizing something in the wiki.

Recognize that the people who are working on the wiki are volunteers, are not given special privileges, and are often receiving and entering information piecemeal as they receive it. They are often sacrificing time that could be spent playing the game to build this resource.

This means:

  • if there is one item that is missing or incorrect on a page, do not declare, "Page all wrong!"
  • particularly during a major content upgrade, do not say, "Page all wrong!" when not all of the new information has been added;
  • be specific in making a criticism, a comment, or a suggestion;
  • ask a question rather than telling us how you think we ought to be doing our jobs.


We do keep rather tighter control of the wiki contents than some other groups.

We're working on adding a lot more consistent information, links and formatting to various pages, which means that you should check with one of the senior editors before making changes that affect multiple pages. Please contact sysop Elaine before embarking on any project that will involve larger-scale changes.

Ask questions

If you don't know how to do something, please ask us! Clean-up is much harder, often, than teaching you how to do something right the first time!


Repeated editing wars (constantly reversing one another's changes) can get you banned from participating in the wiki at all.

In cases of conflict, the Sysop's decision is final.

Got suggestions or ideas for improvements?

Great! Let's talk about it!

Wiki history

Brent originally started this wiki because he was looking for information just like you. He couldn't find a central repository for that info, so he started one himself.

WikiTimmy continued Brent's work and has done an incredible job making the Wiki a well-known and visible resource.

Elaine is continuing Brent and Timmy's work and is constantly working to help make the GTwiki ever more helpful and useful to players. I'm also not here to play mommy, or referee, or to be heavy-handed (except where making information useful is concerned!). Right now, I do have the final say if editors can't reach an agreement on something. The senior editors and I also regularly patrol all changes made to the wiki and may comment on your changes, suggest improvements. or revert your changes, depending on the page and the quality of information.

Our goal is always to improve the wiki.


We don't say it enough. So thanks for reading through here, and thanks for being interested in helping!

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