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If you want to help by making an update (for example to a mechanism's cooldown time), or to the drops that a particular ghost makes, or pretty much any other kind of specific game information, check here to see all of the places where that information may exist, and be prepared to update all of them. If you can't do that, it's easier if you don't make any of those changes, since we then spend a lot of time trying to double-check that all the locations have been updated.

In all instances where you're updating these types of information, also make a note of the change in the history section. Don't just assume that the person who put the previous information together was wrong -- assume that there has been a change in the value, and document accordingly.



If you're adding a new ghost you must:

  • Add it to the ghost category page (normal, midnight, monster, etc.)
  • Create the ghost page;
  • Add the ghost to the All ghosts list
  • If it is a location-specific ghost, add it to the location page;
  • If it is an "all non-raiding locations" ghost, Add it to the all non-raiding locations page.


If you're updating the cost to travel to a location or the XP required to travel to that location, you must update:
If you're updating a description or fixing a spelling error in the description, you should check:

Mechanisms and circles

If you're updating the price, raw power, or mystic power of a mechanism or magic circle, you must update:


Mocktail descriptions or costs

If you're updating a mixed drink description you need to make sure it's consistent on:

If you're adding a new mocktail

  • Add the drink to the mocktails page;
  • Create the individual drink page;
  • Add the drink and its statistics to the All baits compared page and its tables;
  • Add the drink and its stats to the Mixed drinks' attributes compared page;
  • Depending on how the drink is acquired, it may need to be added to the Donations page or to the Daily rewards page;
  • If the drink is available in the bar, add it to the "At the bar" section in the location where the recipe first becomes available, and also add the recipe name to the list of recipes available in the appropriate location on the At the bar page.


Contract buffs

If a contract is buffed, you should:

  • Update the contract page with the details;
  • Update the Contract attributes compared page;
  • Update the statistics tables on each of the pages that that contract modifies -- so if it's a magic circle contract, update all of the magic circle pages; if it's a traditional contract, update all of the traditional mechanism pages. If you don't know all of the mechanisms that fit in a particular category, check the Arcane, Bio, High tech, Infernal, and Traditional pages to make sure you get them all. If you don't finish updating all of the circles or mechanisms, leave a note on the sysop's talk page telling her how far you got when you stopped.
  • The sysop or other high-level editor should update the stats on the appropriate stats table template as well.


Companion buffs

If a companion is buffed, you should:

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