Haunted week 9

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Haunted week 9
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HW 9 opened early (is anyone surprised?) on 23 October 2012.

It remained Haunted week until 12 November 2012 (extended a week because so many USA players were affected by Superstorm Sandy and were unable to play during the actual event.


The usual haunted week locations have been joined by yet another: Castle McIngverson nightmare mode.

What's new

One new location, two new collections, one new cauldron, four new companions:

Castle McIngverson nightmare mode

Nightmare mode: 'Nuff said. 1,200,000 XP and above.

Postcard collection

One postcard representing each of the five regions in Virtual Scotland. All dropped in Castle McIngverson nightmare mode.

Mini plasma collection

Five mini plasma to collect, the four previously known plasma (blood plasma, ghost plasma, elemental plasma, and jurassic plasma, plus the previously unknown sacred plasma. All dropped in Castle McIngverson nightmare mode.

Mystic cauldron

Currently, a souped-up version of the witch cauldron. Uses ghost plasma. Donation thank-you.


Ghost cerberus: Loot drop.
Ghost gryphon: Donation thank-you.
Ghost minotaur: Donation thank-you.
Ghost yeti: Donation thank-you.

In the usual special event locations

Secret ghosts

The secret ghosts have found their way into all the special event locations.

All the old collections

All over Virtual Scotland

Rainbow ghosts

Rainbow ghosts and magic rainbow ghosts are released in groups to roam Virtual Scotland. See Andi Huller's fb wall, the GT community groups, GT chat, or your wall for announcements when they are released.

Or watch the count of them in your ghost photo album. If the numbers are going up, then they are out to be caught. Try your luck ... no special bait or setup required.

Special occasion ghosts

Halloween ghost: 31 October
Jack-o-lantern ghost: 31 October
Guy Fawkes ghost: 5 November
Vendetta ghost: 5 November (midnight ghost)


  • 23 October 2012: HW9 opened before its announced date of 25 October.
  • 5 November 2012: HW9 was extended to 12 November, since many players in the eastern part of the USA and Canada were offline for most of HW because of damage from Hurricane Sandy.

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