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It's a Haunted week!

Additional information


According to the poster and flyer announcing the event, HW 15 should start 15 April 2015 and run through 4 May 2015.

{For the completists among us, HW 14 fell into a black hole and has never been seen again....)

In actuality, HW 15 started on ...?.


Most of the special event locations:

What's new ?

There's a new raid location — Mary King's Close, which requires that all members of your raid team have at least 6,500,000 XP.

Will there be loot ?

Of course there will be loot! Some of it will be familiar (even laughably familiar!) like pumpkin candles molding halves ... but we haven't had an HW yet where there wasn't some new loot!

We know that there will be, at a minimum:

  • New raid loot
  • New souvenirs and collections

Collections and souvenirs

Some souvenirs are only available during haunted weeks; some collections can only be completed during haunted weeks:

Collection Maximum XP required
to collect all
Board game collection     Board game collection
big number
Wing collection II     Wing collection II
Wing collection III     Wing collection III
Mini-plasma collection     Mini-plasma collection
Kiss collection II     Kiss collection II
Postcard collection     Postcard collection
Tombstone collection     Tombstone collection
Trading card collection VI     Trading card collection VI


All the familiar ghosts from previous HWs will be back. New ghosts introduced for HW15 are:

Ghost Region Location
Mystic rainbow ghost     Mystic rainbow ghost
All regions All non-raiding locations
Priest ghost     Priest ghost
Lothian Mary King's Close
Grave digger ghost     Grave digger ghost
Mary King's Close
Sorrow ghost     Sorrow ghost
Mary King's Close
Plague cleaner ghost     Plague cleaner ghost
Mary King's Close
Black death ghost     Black death ghost
Mary King's Close
Plague doctor ghost     Plague doctor ghost
Mary King's Close


One of the features of special events is the appearance of the rainbow ghost and the magic rainbow ghost, mostly in the special event locations, although they can appear in any non-raiding location. There is a new member of the rainbow ghost family being released ...

The best information we can give you about how to catch these special ghosts is the following:

  • The rainbow ghost and the magic rainbow ghost are released in batches, usually of 100–200 rainbows at a time. Once they are released, its really the luck of the random number generator that affects your chance to catch (and yes, we know some people seem to have much more luck than others at catching rainbows ... I also know I'm not one of them!)
  • Andi Huller always announces the release of a batch of rainbows on his FB wall.
  • Chat and all of the support groups generally also announce the release of the rainbows as soon as they know about it.
  • You can check to see if a rainbow release is going on by checking the total number of rainbow ghosts or magic rainbow ghosts caught in your ghost photo albums, and then checking it a second time a minute or two later. (Note: It helps to know what the count of rainbows was when you logged off the last time!) If there's no change, there's probably no rainbow release happening currently. If it changes but the total caught is not a round-ish number (xx00, xx50, xx75 etc) then there's probably an active release going on. It can take up to an hour or so for all the rainbows in a batch to be caught.
  • Save your power hunts for a rainbow release time ... once you know they're out and active, use those power hunts to hunt as many times as possible as quickly as possible.
  • Bait does not matter.


New loot

Check the individual HW location pages for the loot — both new and old — that can be found during Haunted weeks.

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