Haunted Week III

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Haunted Week III

Use this page as a jumping off place to all the information we've been able to gather about Haunted Week III.


Haunted Week locations

Use the Special Events locations page for an overview of all three HW locations plus the Haunted Events only raid location, or jump to an individual location page:

Travelling to special events locations

You travel to special event locations in the same way that you travel to other locations.

Go to your travel tab, select the special events location you want to travel to, and then click on the word ""here" highlighted in blue to move to the new location.

There is no charge to travel to Castle McIngverson, Castle McDoyle, or Castle McMahon. You can travel back and forth among those locations (assuming you have the XP) and pay £0.

When you travel from a special events location to any normal hunting grounds during Haunted Week III, you'll pay the usual amount to move to your new location.

If you are in a special events location when Haunted Week III ends, you will be automatically transported back to a normal hunting location at no charge. Most agents will be transported to their last regular hunting location; others may find themselves elsewhere due to the fluctuations caused by travelling between dimensions.

Hunting in special event locations

You hunt the same way in special events location as you do in regular locations. Hit the Let's Hunt button, and see what happens!

Csc raid ghosts banner.jpg

Most ghosts in each HW3 location can be caught with raw power — so put your strongest power trap set-up to work! This set-up will also work well for the ghosts that are resistant to mystic power.

Some ghosts in each HW3 location can only be caught with mystic power — so put together a set-up with as much mystic power as you can! There are no absolute values of mystic you must have — you might be surprised by what you'll catch.

We know which ghosts are mystic-resistant ... figuring out the rest is up to you! Good luck!


Each individual special events location's page tells you:

  • the ghosts that can be found in that location;
  • an approximate base range of XP (no contracts or companions or bait that enhances XP) each ghost is likely to give you;
  • an approximate base range of £££ (no contracts or companions or bait that enhances ££) each ghost is likely to give you;
  • a listing of the type of loot a given ghost may drop.

Loot drops are rare — but Special Events often find the ghosts being more generous than usual.

Special time-limited ID badge

ID badges-Mystic agent.jpg

The Mystic agent ID badge was only available from the Office at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ for £1000.


Items that were occasionally dropped as ghost loot by HWIII ghosts included:

New companions

The new companions that were introduced during HWIII include:

New cocktails

The new cocktails that were introduced during HWIII include:

The Green Goddess mocktail is a time-limited mocktail: it will no longer be available for purchase after the end of Haunted Week III.

New perks for Nessy's Golden Reserve

Nessy's Golden Reserve continues to be the only bait that will attract Kelpies, Luring Kelpies, Cu Siths and Howling Cu Siths, all of which have become permanent additions to the population of Virtual Scotland.


The HW III donation specials to help support Diviad and the team that brings us Ghost Trappers wre:

  • You could get 10% extra bottles of Nessy's Golden Reserve with any existing Nessy package;
  • You could receive 330 glasses of the new Jesperian Way mocktail, along with the recipe;
  • You could receive a limited edition Icy dragon whelp companion package that includes a Supporter ID card and 10% more bottles of Nessy's than usual for a donation of $100 (US);
  • You could receive a limited edition Ghost unicorn companion package that includes a Supporter ID card and 10% more bottles of Nessy's than usual for a donation of $20 – $50 (US).


Lady May's Official Haunted Weekend III Giveaway

Ancient history

Original Haunted Week III announcement

Haunted Week III (originally planned as Haunted Weekend III) has been announced for 29 October – 5 November 2009. Additional information will be posted as it is made available.

Haunted Week III promises to include:

  • A new HW location in Strathclyde as well as the two previous HW locations, Castle McIngverson and Castle McDoyle re-appearing;
  • Old and new HW-exclusive loot;
  • A HW-raid location;
  • New perks for Nessy's Golden Reserve;
  • New companions;
  • New recipes;
  • A limited-edition mocktail;
  • A new ID card available for purchase; and
  • ...Much, much, more!

Unfortunately this is much much more than can fit into a single Haunted Weekend...so plan to join agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. everywhere from October 29th through November 5th to celebrate an entire week of special ghosts, raids, loot, giveaways and community events!


  • 29 October 2009: Haunted Week III began.
  • 5 November 2009: Haunted Week III ended.

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