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Companion gifts-Gourmand.jpg
Fragrances companion gift



Gourmand is one of the companion gifts and is part of the fragrances group.


Gourmand is occasionally dropped as loot by various ghosts:

Ghost Region Location
Mailman ghost Fife Glenclose village
Samurai ghost Borders Castle McKenny

Who loves gourmands?

Some companions love gourmands; some companions like gourmands; and some companions hate gourmands.

Which is which? The following table will help you know how many affection points you'll get for giving gourmands to the companions that like or love them.

Companion Points
Aardvark 5
Angel 45
Aurora whelp 10
Blood drop 40
Brimstone butterfly 60
Camel 50
Celestial ghost 50
Chrono whelp 30
Crystalline whelp 15
Cupid 60
Devil 40
Dino skeleton 25
Emerald whelp 15
Forgotten one 55
Glacier whelp 25
Leprechaun companion 10
Lion cub 20
Little H.O.U.N.D. 35
Llama 35
Love whelp 25
Murderous whelp 40
Pegasus 30
Penguin 60
Pink spooky 50
Pixie15px-Blue star.jpg 45
Planar ghost 60
Raiding whelp 35
Raindrop 45
Seal 40
Snake 60
Snow rabbit 55
Snowman 50
Spark 35
Sphinx 20
Spookie15px-Blue star.jpg 10
Stego 15
Swallowtail butterfly 60
Unicorn 10

15px-Blue star.jpg = Companions with a blue star have both a regular and a special version.


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