Golden headstone

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Golden headstone
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Travel token



In your inventory, the golden headstone gives hints to its purpose:

A golden headstone with no name. Maybe you want to go to a hunting ground where headstones are quite common.


The golden headstone allows you to open the trapdoor in Dormont Cemetery (region 3, Strathclyde) and then to travel to the Treasure trove.

(This assumes that you have more than 1,800,000 XP, and that there is a Ticket to Strathclyde in your inventory.)

If both of those things are not true, then keep the Golden headstone in your inventory for the time when it will be useful.

Additional information


The golden headstone is occasionally dropped by the Undertaker ghost in Glenluck Abbey (Glenluck Abbey is located in region 1, Dumfries & Galloway).

The Undertaker ghost is a midnight ghost, and can very often be found frozen.

The Undertaker ghost can best be attracted with higher-end baits, including Nessy's, or the Angel's aura or Devil driver mocktails.


Once you have acquired it, the golden headstone can be found in the Keys & Tickets part of your inventory.


You cannot sell or trade your golden headstone.


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