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Gold rain
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The gold rain stat increases the chance you will receive double the amount of GBP you would normally receive from a ghost or monster.


The more of the items shown under the equipment index you have in your setup, the higher your chances of gaining the gold rain stat.

The value of the different items' gold rain are added together to reach your total gold rain stat value.

Equipment index

The following pieces of equipment will add the gold rain stat to your setup:

Item Type Power type
if appropriate
or Notes if relevant
Gold rain value
Agent One     Agent One
Contract Magic circles 7
Aurum agent     Aurum agent
ID badge 2
Aurum calidarium     Aurum calidarium
Cauldron 7
Big golden collection     Big golden collection
Collection bonus 10
Black guardian     Black guardian
Mechanism Infernal 5
Brad Trap     Brad Trap
Contract Traditional 5
Christmas crystal     Christmas crystal
Chrono crystal 3
Coral crystal     Coral crystal
Chrono crystal 5
Corner flag     Corner flag
Accessory 3
C.U.T.I.E.     C.U.T.I.E.
Contract High tech 5
Dark Tomplar     Dark Tomplar
Contract Outworldly 5
Dauntless terrier     Dauntless terrier
Companion 5
Death pod     Death pod
Mocktail 7
Festive dragon whelp     Festive dragon whelp
Companion 5
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Gold rain value
Gold molding form     Gold molding form
Accessory 3
Gold retriever     Gold retriever
Companion 7
Golden camera     Golden camera
Camera 5
Golden crystal     Golden crystal
Chrono crystal 5
Golden cup     Golden cup
Accessory 5
Golden ghost bracelet     Golden ghost bracelet
Accessory 7
Golden horse     Golden horse
Accessory 2
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Gold rain value
Golden inscription     Golden inscription
Accessory 5
Golden lion     Golden lion
Companion 7
Golden Nessy E.G.G.     Golden Nessy E.G.G.
Accessory 1
Golden Nessy necklace     Golden Nessy necklace
Accessory 10
Golden rider     Golden rider
Accessory 10
Golden sword     Golden sword
Accessory 3
Golden top hat     Golden top hat
Accessory 3
Hugin     Hugin
Accessory 5
King cobra     King cobra
Companion 4
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Gold rain value
Königsdrache     Königsdrache
Companion 12
Liquid gold     Liquid gold
Mocktail 5
Munin     Munin
Accessory 5
Not-so-golden collection     Not-so-golden collection
Collection bonus 5
Rainbow jollyfish     Rainbow jollyfish
Companion 10
Raven candles     Raven candles
Magic circle 7
Raven cauldron     Raven cauldron
Cauldron 3
Sir John     Sir John
Contract Traditional 5
Solar     Solar
Contract Magic circles 7
Valentines love dragon     Valentines love dragon
Companion 5
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Gold rain value


  • 15 January 2018: The gold rain stat was officially added to Ghost Trappers although it had begun to appear on certain not-yet-released items earlier in January.

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