Glorious cauldron

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Glorious cauldron
Cauldrons-Glorious cauldron.jpg
Valiant vapor    Valiant vapor: 3  
Attribute icon-Costs.png Cost: £10,000 

Attribute icon-Costs.png Refund value: (2,500 £)



The glorious cauldron burns with a small but steady light, holding its sacred plasma within its depths to draw the Knights of the round table near to its hiding place.


Valiant Vapor

The glorious cauldron adds 3 valiant vapor to your setup when the cauldron is active in your setup.

To have a chance to attract a sacred monster (one of the knights of the round table, or one of the monsters in the Phantom Castle or the Fairy pools with the glorious cauldron in your setup. You must have a piece of sacred plasma in your glorious cauldron, and that piece of sacred plasma must have been in the glorious cauldron for less than 24 hours.

Other info

Activated cauldron

The glorious cauldron is activated when you have selected it in your inventory and it shows on your camp page.

The glorious cauldron's valiant vapor stat is counted in with your setup even if you do not have any sacred plasma currently in the cauldron.

However, your glorious cauldron will only attract any of the sacred monsters when you have added a piece of sacred plasma to it.


The glorious cauldron can be purchased at the Laboratory at S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ in normal locations between Castle McCloud and Glenclose Mine for £10,000.


  • 14 March 2013: The glorious cauldron was introduced and became available to all S.C.O.T.C.H. agents in Virtual Scotland.

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