Glengreen green

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Glengreen green
Magic potions-Glengreens-green.jpg
Attraction level    Attraction level: Reasonable  
Attribute icon-Costs.png Cost: £100 



Glengreen is a very strong magic potion that will attract almost all ghosts. Truely for veterans and those who are not easily scared!

Cost and refund values

You can purchase Glengreen green at, and refund it at, £100/bottle.

Additional information


You can mix Glengreen green with the juices shown in the table below to create the mocktails shown:

Juice Mocktail
Widow tears     Widow tears            
Braveheart     Braveheart
Psychotic cranberry juice     Psychotic cranberry juice            
Creepy cooler     Creepy cooler
Widow tears     Widow tears            
Eggnog     Eggnog
Widow tears     Widow tears            
Frozen mist     Frozen mist
Blood orange juice     Blood orange juice            
altJack jones     Jack jones
Midnight apple juice     Midnight apple juice            
Love potion     Love potion
Bavarian mist     Bavarian mist            
Maß malt juice     Maß malt juice
Midnight apple juice     Midnight apple juice            
Spiced cider     Spiced cider
Psychotic cranberry juice     Psychotic cranberry juice            
Spookpirinha     Spookpirinha
Dark cherry juice     Dark cherry juice            
Spooquiri     Spooquiri
Lucid lemonade     Lucid lemonade            
Witch hunt     Witch hunt
Brutal banana juice     Brutal banana juice            
Liquid gold     Liquid gold


Glengreen green can be purchased from the bar in the following locations:

Glengreen green is not available in Castle McCloud nightmare mode, Loch Muir nightmare mode, the Show room, levels 2 and 3 of Duke Leyton: Duke Leyton Library and Duke Leyton Pinnacle, nor in any part of Castle McDeigh.

Glengreen green cannot be bought in any of the raid locations, nor in any Alien visitors locations either.

Glengreen green can also not be bought in any of the special event locations, not during Haunted weeks, and not during Celebration weeks either.

Usage suggestions

Use Glengreen green as bait when:


  • 2 January 2009: Glengreen 18 y.o. first became available for sale in the bar in Loch Trool.
  • 7 July 2010: Glengreen 18 y.o. was re-named to Glengreen green.

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