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Long ago and far away when Ghost Trappers was young, keeping track of the ghosts was pretty easy.

There were midnight ghosts and regular ghosts. That was it.

Finding and sorting the ghosts

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Since those early days, we continue to find different ways to group and sort the ghosts.

  • For the best overall list, check the all ghosts list, which will let you find and sort ghosts by their ghost types, or by the regions or sub-locations where they are found. Ghosts that occur in more than one location in a region will appear multiple times in the list so that they can sort into the correct locations.
  • There are now 6 regions, 28 regular locations, 1 'normal nightmare mode location, 11 normal raiding locations, 5 "normal" special event locations, 1 special event location for raids, 1 nightmare mode special event location, and 1 special event location for the celebration week special event only. You can also find all the ghosts for a particular location by clicking on the location name on any other page, or by typing the location name into the Search box in the left-hand sidebar.
  • Many ghosts fall into more than one category and therefore are listed on more than one of the category pages.

Information about ghosts

Scare factor

Each ghost has a "scare factor" that tells you how difficult it will be to catch that ghost in the location where it is first introduced. (The strongest ghosts in one location often become the weakest ghosts in the next location.)


Each ghost has a rarity indicator that indicates (kinda) how difficult or easy it is to attract it within the context of its own location. Each location page in the wiki allows you to sort the ghosts in that location by rarity — from most common to least common or least common to most.

Because the rarity indicators are words, the wiki attempts to apply numerical weighting to those words to enable the sorting.


Each ghost has a risk factor that tells you whether the ghost is likely to steal bait, money, or XP if you fail to catch it.

With the introduction of nightmare mode ghosts, some ghosts can now also steal ghost plasma.

Ghost types

Type Description
Ghosts-Ethereal ghost.jpg Common goal buff ghosts Common goal buff ghosts are special ghosts that only appear when the particular common goal game buff that triggers their release is activated.
Ghosts-Techno viking ghost.jpg Midnight ghosts Midnight ghosts are those ghosts that you commonly can see between midnight and 1 am in your local time zone, but that may also pop up at other times of the day if you have any midnight attraction in your setup.
Ghosts-Force ghost.jpg Mystic-resistant ghosts Mystic-resistant ghosts are normal ghosts that can only be captured using raw power. Icon mystic power resistance medium.png is the symbol that identifies a mystic-resistant ghost.
Mystic-resistant ghosts generally also fall into at least one of the other categories shown here as well.
Ghosts-Viking ghost.jpg Normal ghosts "Normal" ghosts are the ghosts that you run into day-to-day in all of the normal non-raiding locations.
Ghosts-Disco ghost.jpg Party ghosts Party ghosts are like their name—they like to party, two to a location beginning in region 2 Borders' Castle McWallace. You can (mostly) rely on the party ghosts in R2 and R3 preferring mocktails as bait. In R4 and R5, party ghosts are much more eclectic in their bait preferences.
Ghosts-Bishop ghost.jpg Raid ghosts Raid ghosts are strong ghosts that can only be captured by multiple agents hunting together.
Aliens-Queen alien.jpg Aliens Aliens have slipped into areas surrounding Virtual Scotland and B.E.E.R. has asked agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. to consider going after the aliens with the same zeal used against the ghosts!
Ghosts-El diablo ghost.jpg Secret ghosts Secret ghosts are those ghosts that can only be seen in specialized light: infrayellow light, gaussgreen light, or ultraviolet light.
Ghosts-Nightmare spooky ghost.jpg Nightmare ghosts Nightmare ghosts are ghosts that can only be captured in a nightmare mode location.
Monster ghosts
Ghosts-Pegasus.jpg Monster ghosts
(also called Original monsters)
Monster ghosts are such strong and fierce creatures, that it takes the efforts of many agents combined to trap them!
Ghosts-Stegosaurus.jpg Dino monsters Dino monsters are a special class of monster ghosts, even more difficult to attract and catch than regular monsters!
Ghosts-Planar ghostlem.jpg Elemental monsters Elemental monsters are such strong and fierce creatures, that it takes the efforts of many agents combined to trap them!
Ghosts-Lady catherine.jpg Vampire lords and ladies Vampire lords and ladies also require the efforts of many agents to trap them. They also require a special blood-based plasma to attract.
Ghosts-Lady gwendolyne.jpg Knights of the round table The Knights of the Round Table (also known as sacred monsters) are a group of monster-style ghosts that can be captured in all non-raiding locations within Virtual Scotland.
Ghosts-Smoking fire dragon.jpg Red monsters Red monsters are a group of monster-style ghosts that require a combination of blood plasma and rhombus red light to be attracted.
Trooper droid     Alien monsters
Plutonean mantis     Techno monsters
Falkirk wheel UFO     UFOs
If aliens are visiting, can ufos be far behind ? Of course not!
Special ghosts
Ghosts-Birthday ghost.jpg Gift ghosts Gift ghosts are a sub-category of special ghosts that can only be captured when someone else sends them to you (you can get a gift ghost to send to a friend by making a donation of $5.00 US to support Diviad, and selecting the birthday cake option.
Ghosts-Cu Sith.jpg Mythic-creature ghosts Mythic-creature ghosts are those ghosts that are based on legends and myths from Scotland, and that can only be attracted using Nessy's Golden Reserve, Nessy's platinum edition or Shadetouch as bait. There are a few rare occasions when mythic-creature ghosts can be attracted using any bait, but those occurrences are very very rare.
Ghosts-Jack-o-lantern ghost.jpg Seasonal ghosts Seasonal special ghosts are also a sub-category of special ghosts. Holiday and occasional ghosts are those seasonal special ghosts that appear to mark a particular day or season.
Birthday ghosts are special seasonal ghosts that celebrate Ghost Trappers' artists, developers, and mods on and around their birthdays.
Ghosts-Golden ghost.jpg Special events ghosts Special events ghosts is a sub-category of special ghosts for the haunted weeks and celebration week ghosts that only appear a few weeks a year.

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