Ghost reindeer

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Ghost reindeer
Companions lvl5-Ghost reindeer.jpg
Ghost loot
 Mystic power    Mystic power bonus: 1–5  
Midnight attraction chance   Midnight attraction chance: 2%  
Icons-Snowfall.png  Snowfall: 2%



When your mechanism and circle combination isn't measuring up, you can always rely on your Ghost reindeer companion to give you a little extra oomph.

The ghost reindeer will give you a mystic bonus which increases as your companion levels up.

The ghost reindeer will also give you a midnight attraction bonus to increase you chances of catching midnight ghosts outside of the midnight hour.


Mystic power bonus

The ghost reindeer companion will give you a mystic bonus which increases as your companion levels up.

Ghost reindeer
Reindeer icon.png
Mystic power bonus Mystic power bonus

 Level 1: +1 
 Level 2: +2 
 Level 3: +3 
 Level 4: +4 
 Level 5: +5 

Midnight attraction bonus

The ghost reindeer companion has the same midnight attraction at all levels. Midnight attraction increases the chances of attracting a midnight ghost to your trap during daylight hours.

Ghost reindeer
Reindeer icon.png
Midnight attraction chance Midnight attraction,
Levels 1–5

 Midnight attraction chance: +2% 


The ghost reindeer companion has the same snowfall bonus — the same chance to cause a snowflake to drop — at all levels:

Ghost reindeer
Icons-Ghost reindeer.png
Icons-Snowfall.png Snowfall, Levels 1-5

Snowfall: 2%

Companion gifts

All companions love gifts. They just don't all love and like the same gifts! Here are the affection point listings for the gifts the ghost reindeer loves and likes:

Ghost reindeer loves some gems,
likes other gems
Gem Affection points
Companion gifts-Beryll.jpg     Beryll
Companion gifts-Diamond.jpg     Diamond
Companion gifts-Emerald.jpg     Emerald
Companion gifts-Opal.jpg     Opal
Companion gifts-Ruby.jpg     Ruby
Companion gifts-Sapphire.jpg     Sapphire
Ghost reindeer likes bling
Bling Affection points
Companion gifts-Bracelet.jpg     Bracelet    
Companion gifts-Earrings.jpg     Earrings
Companion gifts-Necklace.jpg     Necklace
Companion gifts-Scarf.jpg     Scarf
Companion gifts-Tie.jpg     Tie
Companion gifts-Watch.jpg     Watch

Acquiring the companion

Ghost loot


The ghost reindeer is known to have occasionally been dropped as ghost loot in:

In 2009 the ghost reindeer was only dropped in R1, R2 and R3.

The ghost reindeer is occasionally dropped as ghost loot by:


  • 24 December 2009: The ghost reindeer companion is first dropped in Virtual Scotland.
  • 16 December 2013: The ghost reindeer was buffed with the snowfall attribute.

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