Ghost rat

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Ghost rat
Companions lvl5-Ghost rat.jpg
Ghost loot
 Icons-XP bonus.png    XP bonus: 1–5% 
Loot chance multiplier    Loot chance multiplier: x1.5
Attribute icon-Attraction rate.png    Attraction bonus: 1  
Non-Nessy's loot potions    Loothunter non-Nessy magic potions: +10 bottles



Your ghost rat companion boosts your setup's statistics in interesting ways.

The ghost rat will give you an XP bonus which increases as your companion levels up.

The ghost rat multiplies your normal chances of getting a ghost loot drop by x1.5 and it will give you an attraction bonus, increasing your chances of catching rarer ghosts.


XP bonus

The ghost rat companion will give you an XP reward bonus which increases as your companion levels up.

Ghost rat
Rat icon.png
XP bonus  XP bonus

 Level 1: 1% 
 Level 2: 2% 
 Level 3: 3% 
 Level 4: 4% 
 Level 5: 5% 

Loot chance multiplier

The ghost rat companion provides the same loot chance multiplier at all levels:

Ghost rat
Rat icon.png
Loot chance multiplier Loot chance multiplier,
Levels 1–5

 Loot chance multiplier: x1.5 

Attraction bonus

The ghost rat companion provides the same attraction bonus at all levels. The attraction bonus increases the chances of attracting rarer ghosts to your trap.

Ghost rat
Rat icon.png
Attribute icon-Attraction rate.png Attraction bonus,
Levels 1-5

Attraction bonus: +1

Loot hunter bonus

The ghost rat companion has the same loot hunter bonus at all levels. This bonus increases the number of special edition magic potions, mocktails, or any other non-Nessy's bait you receive as loot.

Ghost rat
Rat icon.png
Attribute icon-Loot hunter vintages.png Loot hunter, Levels 1-5

Loot hunter: +10 any non-Nessy's loot potions

Companion gifts

All companions love gifts. They just don't all love and like the same gifts! Here are the affection point listings for the gifts the ghost rat loves and likes:

Ghost rat loves sweets
Sweet Affection points
Companion gifts-Bubblegum.jpg     Bubblegum
Companion gifts-Chocolate.jpg     Chocolate
Companion gifts-Cupcake.jpg     Cupcake
Companion gifts-Donut.jpg     Donut
Companion gifts-Jelly beans.jpg     Jelly beans
Companion gifts-Lollipop.jpg     Lollipop
Ghost rat likes toys
Toy Affection points
Companion gifts-Ball.jpg     Ball
Companion gifts-Bricks.jpg     Bricks
Companion gifts-Puzzle.jpg     Puzzle
Companion gifts-Animal.jpg     Stuffed animal
Companion gifts-Tin soldier.jpg     Tin soldier
Companion gifts-Toy car.jpg     Toy car

Acquiring the companion

Ghost loot


The ghost rat is known to have occasionally been dropped as ghost loot in:


The ghost rat companion is occasionally dropped as ghost loot by:


The ghost rat companion has been occasionally offered as a prize in giveaways.


  • 21 October 2009: Andi Huller gave a sneak peek at the ghost rat companion.
  • The first known ghost rat companion was won from a giveaway during Haunted Week III.
  • 11 November 2009: The ghost rat companion became generally available to lucky agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.
  • 14 April 2010: The ghost rat acquired the loot hunter attribute.

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