Ghost owl

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Ghost owl
Companions lvl5-Ghost owl.jpg
Daily click reward & Thank-you
Raw power    Power bonus: 1–5  
Midnight attraction chance   Midnight attraction chance: 2%  



The Ghost owl companion is a daily reward incentive for players to revisit the game on a regular basis.

The Ghost owl companion is received as a thank-you when you make a one-time donation to support game development and improvement.


Power bonus

The ghost owl companion will give you a power bonus which increases as your companion levels up.

Ghost owl
Ghost owl icon.png
Attribute icon-Raw power.png Power bonus

Level 1: +1
Level 2: +2
Level 3: +3
Level 4: +4
Level 5: +5

Midnight attraction bonus

The ghost owl companion has the same midnight attraction at all levels. Midnight attraction increases the chances of attracting a midnight ghost to your trap during daylight hours.

Ghost owl
Ghost owl icon.png
Midnight attraction chance Midnight attraction,
Levels 1–5

 Midnight attraction chance: +2% 

Companion gifts

All companions love gifts. They just don't all love and like the same gifts! Here are the affection point listings for the gifts the ghost owl loves and likes:

Ghost owl loves bling
Bling Affection points
Companion gifts-Bracelet.jpg     Bracelet    
Companion gifts-Earrings.jpg     Earrings
Companion gifts-Necklace.jpg     Necklace
Companion gifts-Scarf.jpg     Scarf
Companion gifts-Tie.jpg     Tie
Companion gifts-Watch.jpg     Watch
Ghost owl likes flowers
Flower Affection points
Companion gifts-Carnation.jpg     Carnation
Companion gifts-Daisy.jpg     Daisy
Companion gifts-Lavender.jpg     Lavender
Companion gifts-Rose.jpg     Roses
Companion gifts-Tulip.jpg     Tulips
Companion gifts-Violet.jpg     Violet

Acquiring the companion

Daily reward

Click 20 times on the Ghost owl's image to be rewarded with the Ghost owl companion.


You can receive the ghost owl as a thank-you when you make a one-time donation to support the ongoing development of Ghost Trappers. See the in-game Donations page for additional details about pricing and currency options.

The ghost owl and the appropriate number of bottles of Nessy's and Shadetouch crates (if appropriate) for your donation will be transferred to your inventory once the transaction is completed.


  • 10 January 2010: The Ghost owl companion is released as one of the available daily rewards that a player can receive. The Ghost owl is also made available through donation.

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