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Enjoy the thrill of the hunt!


Ways of hunting

Normal timed hunting

Every 15 minutes you can begin a hunt (and check on what's been caught by your trap) by clicking on "Let's hunt".

"Normal" in this context means "without any mechanisms, magic circles, companions, or contracts that either increase or decrease the amount of time you must wait between hunts".

The time you must wait between hunts is referred to as your "hunting cooldown".

Taking friends along

Each time you click on "Let's hunt" to start a hunt, you will take along all your friends who:

  • are in the same location,
  • have bait armed,
  • do not have a captcha waiting for them, and
  • have not been on a friend-led hunt in the previous 30 minutes.

You receive 5 XP for each friend you bring along on a hunt, up to a maximum of 100 XP.

Automatic hunting

Once every hour you receive an automatic hunt (as long as you have bait in your setup). Auto-hunts occur at the same point each hour (often at 20 minutes past the hour or 20 minutes before the hour) and are totally unrelated to your hunting cooldown status at the time.

72-hour limit

If you are away from your computer for an extended period, you will continue to receive auto-hunts for 72 hours following your last manual hunt. You may receive some additional auto-hunts while you continue to idle if you entered a captcha just before your last manual hunt.

If you are going on vacation or will be unable to log in to Facebook and Ghost Trappers for a few days, try to ensure that you have at least 85–100 bottles of bait in your set-up.

After the last of these auto-hunts, your account will become a "sleeping account", and you will have no additional hunts until you again log in to Ghost Trappers.

Friend-led hunting

If one of your friends starts a hunt, you will join him or her if you:

  • are at the same hunting ground, and
  • have bait armed, and
  • do not have a captcha waiting for you to complete it, and
  • haven't been taken along on a hunt by any friend in the previous 30 minutes.

All of these conditions must be met for you to have a friend-led hunt.

Midnight hour hunting

Midnight hour lasts from 12am to 1am. Hunts launched at or after 12:00 am and before 1:00 am, local time, will allow you to catch and take pictures of alternate versions of some ghosts as well as some special ghosts that only haunt during midnight hour.

Hunts launched at 1:00 am and after will catch non-midnight hour ghosts. These hunts may also catch you some midnight ghosts if you've got components with the midnight attraction chance attribute in your set-up.

Power hunting

Power hunting involves using a chrono crystal that allows you to have extra (non-raiding) hunts with no cooldown time. You must have one of the chrono crystals in your inventory, and must also have at least one charge available on your crystal.

You consume one charge from your crystal with each power hunt.

You re-energize a charge on your crystal by going at least 45 minutes to one hour (depending on your crystal) without starting a hunt. The total number of charges you have available is dependent on your crystal type.

Special types of hunting


Like the concept of special missions but find that sometimes you wish the terms were a bit different? Create your own version of a special mission with a friend by creating a Challenge.


Monster ghosts are attracted to your trap set-up by your bait. However, you never catch a monster ghost when you attract it. Instead, you must receive assistance from 10–100 other agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. before you can finally capture a monster ghost.

See monster hunting for more details.


There are some ghosts that are so strong, you only want to approach them with a group of ghost trappers.

You can now form a raiding party with four friends to try to catch some of these very strong ghosts in special locations. You can only raid once every 24 hours.

The common goal

Common goals require agents working together to reach a target set by the Chairman of S.C.O.T.C.H: the Chairman will select one ghost that has to be trapped a certain number of times within a limited time-period. If that target is reached, a secret (and random) game buff will be enacted for a short period of time (no more than 48 hours). All agents will benefit from the buff during the specified time period.

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