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Ghost loot
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Players are rewarded for catching ghosts with experience points and virtual game money (the currency in Scotland is The Ghost British Pound). The money in this game is virtual game money, of course, not real money!

However, some special ghosts leave loot behind for you, which can include special edition magic potions, documents, blueprints, molding pieces, mixers for mocktails, ghost plasma, tickets and keys to travel to additional regions, and more! See "Types of loot" for a list of the kinds of items dropped by ghosts and for links to information about each type of loot.

How the loot system works

In general the loot system works like this:

  • Ghosts may drop multiple things, e.g., 8 bottles of juice and 1 piece of ghost plasma.
  • Some drops can be closely associated with an individual type of ghost, so that a particular ghost that drops contract documents, for example, will only drop documents associated with one contract. But not always ...
  • Midnight ghosts have a slightly higher chance of dropping loot than their normal counterparts.

Percentage chances

Different types of loot have different chances of being dropped on any given hunt. The rarest items are dropped perhaps 1–2% of the time ... which means that some people will get them dropped the first time they hunt for them, while others will be still looking on their 200th hunt.


Whether you receive a particular loot drop is mostly a function of luck. If you keep hunting, you will (most likely) eventually find the loot you are looking for...but it might take some work.

Luck is random!


Mockery ...


Snowflakes can be dropped at any time by any ghost, particularly if you have the snowfall stat in your setup. It is rarely listed separately as

Categories of loot

Loot chance multiplier

Some set-up components give you an additional chance at getting loot ... they have the loot chance multiplier attribute.

Each ghost that drops a type of loot has a specific percentage of hunts on which it drops that loot. A loot chance multiplier comes into play when you catch one of those ghosts, and the loot chance multiplier is applied to increase your chance of that loot being dropped.

Commonly-available loot items

We are not keeping track here of which ghosts (normal, midnight, specials, any of the ghost monsters, etc.) drop these items, because its a task guaranteed to be both never-ending and unsatisfying.

Check the item page for the loot you are seeking, or check the location page to see all of the (known) loot being dropped in that particular location. If you have a loot drop not listed on the location page or on the item page, please tell us about it so we can update!


  • 29 August 2009:
    • Ghosts can now drop more than one item or type of loot at a time.
    • Contract document drops by a given ghost are now restricted to a particular contract, instead of any document that can be dropped in the region.
    • Midnight ghosts now have a slightly greater chance of dropping loot than normal ghosts do.
    • Ghost Nessy and Glowing Ghost Nessy can now occasionally drop items other than Nessy's Golden Reserve when they made a drop.

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