Ghost DJ

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Ghost DJ
Ghosts-Ghost DJ.jpg
 Ghost photos scarefactor.png     Scare factor: Partylicious 
 Ghost photos rarity.png     Rarity: Epic 
 Ghost photos risk.png     Risk: None 
Pound icon.png / XP: click here

Icon type hightech.png  Vulnerable to high tech mechanisms
Possible bonus: Bounty



When it's party time in the castle, the Ghost DJs spin the hottest bagpipe tunes.



The Ghost DJ can only be captured at:


The Ghost DJ can primarily be attracted with mocktails.


The Ghost DJ has been known to occasionally drop the following items as ghost loot:


The Ghost DJ's midnight hour counterpart is the Scratching Ghost DJ.

One day's catches

Number of Ghost DJs captured in a recent 24-hour period: 278
Data collected on: 16 May 2010


The ghost dj is vulnerable to high tech mechanisms.

If you catch this ghost with a high tech trap mechanism you have a chance to trigger its vulnerability bonus, bounty.

If bounty is triggered, you will receive 50% more cash (GBP) than normal for that ghost.


  • 16 September 2009: The Ghost DJ is first captured in Castle McDonohan.
  • 25 August 2010: The Ghost DJ gains its high tech vulnerability.

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