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If you have a game-related problem or question that is not addressed in the wiki in general or in Bugs, errors, & odd messages, you should turn to the moderators:


Clicking on either of these links will take you to the mod's FB page where you can leave them a message:

On the Discord chat server:

  • Click on the HQ icon in the "Channel" area and then pick "#general-chat".
  • Look at the members list or the Online list to see if Elaine or DJ-Error (or both) are active.
  • Double-clicking on one of those names will let you send a private message to that mod.

  • The mod will get your message later if they are not currently online.

If it's a question, please also consider posting it to the Wiki section of the Message boards so that we can consider adding it to the wiki.

Donation issues

If you have a problem with a donation, such as not receiving the Nessy's or other thank-you item, keep these facts in mind:

  • It can take up to four hours for normal transactions to be completed and for your thank-you item(s) to arrive in your inventory;
  • Particularly over a weekend or during non-business hours in Germany, Diviad may occasionally need to manually clear a backlog of transactions from its account before your transaction can be processed;
  • If you pay with an e-check, your donation will not be recorded as "completed" until the e-check itself clears, which may take several days.

If your problem does not resolve itself within a day (24 hours) or if you did not pay using an e-check, send your transaction id number (sometimes called a confirmation number), along with a brief description of the problem, to Elaine Brennan or Shannon Heenan. Then give them some time to investigate the problem. They will get back to you!

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