Gardener Rodrick Greenthump

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Gardener Rodrick Greenthump
Contract-Gardener rodrick greenthumb.jpg
Bio contract
 Mystic power    Mystic power bonus: 5  
 Magic attunement    Magic attunement: 2  
 Magic ritual    Magic ritual: +1 min  
Attribute icon-TSC.png    Cooldown change: −2 min 
 Malty mist     Malty mist: 5  
 Monsterslayer   Monsterslayer bonus: −10% of required 
assist clicks 
Lucid lemonade     Loothunter lucid lemonade: +10 bottles



Although Rodrick has graduated from the University of Edinburgh he chose the simple life of a gardener, which allows him to be close to nature.

Contract effects

The gardener Rodrick Greenthumb contract gives you:



The Gardener Rodrick Greenthumb contract is a bio contract and works only with bio mechanisms.


The gardener Rodrick Greenthumb contract can be used to modify these mechanisms:


Daily rewards

The gardener Rodrick Greenthumb contract can only be acquired as a daily reward.

You must click on the contract for 50 days (total of 50 clicks) to complete the daily reward.


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