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WARNING: The use of too many acronyms can be hazardous to understanding.

GT Acronyms and shorthand references (in alphabetical order)

Acronym /
Shorthand ref
Meaning Category
ACD Assistant Chip Dale Contract
AGZ Anti-gravity zone Mechanism
AJ Midnight apple juice Mixer
AZ Apple zapper Mocktail
APB Abyssal phone booth Mechanism
BB Burning bottles Magic circle
BB Brainbuster Mocktail
BBT Bottle Barrage Tank Mechanism
BC Black candle Magic circle
BDB Black dragon's breath Magic circle
BDH Biochemist Dana Hunter Contract
BH Black hole Mechanism
BFF Bottled fireflies Magic circle
BOJ Blood orange juice Mixer
BskP Basilisk pit Mechanism
BTW Bianca the waitress Contract
Bus Ghost bus Mechanism
CC Count Church Location (R3)
CCF Chrono crystal fragment Loot
CJ Dark cherry juice Mixer
CPF Cyberengineer Phil Fox Contract
CR Corpse reviver Mocktail
CS Crystal spider Mechanism
CSC Cu Sith Carnival Location (Special events raid)
CW Countess Wilhelmina Contract
CWI Celebration Week I Special events
DB Dragon breath Magic circle
DCJ Dark cherry juice Mixer
DD Devil driver Mocktail
DFN Dr Fürchtegott Nussbaum Contract
Doppel or dopple Doppelgänger Stat/attribute
Dormont Dormont Cemetery Location (R3)
DotW Dance-of-the-wisps Magic circle
DS Dancing skeleton Contract
ECT Engineer Clyde Throckmorton Contract
EDW Emerald dragon whelp Companion
EE Egyptian Exhibition Raid location (R3)
EG Ether guardian Contract
EHHB Eternal Happy Hour Bar Mechanism
EP The Emerald Pearl or Ether portal Mechanism
ER Ekaterina Rubikski Contract
FDW Fire dragon whelp Companion
FoW Technically, force of will talent, but more usually is referring to the willpower stat you can add to your setup. Attribute/stat
GA Glenluck Abbey Location (R1)
GBP Ghost (or Great) British pound Currency
GC Golden candles Magic circle
GG See disambiguation page
GM Ghost magnet Mechanism
Goo Ectoplasmatic goo Magic circle
GP Ghost Puzzlers Gameplay
GPi Ghost puzzlers iPhone Gameplay
GRC Ghost Rock Concert Raid location (R2)
GTP Ghost Trapper Pound Currency
GTS Gwynnyth the shaman Contract
GVB German Volksmusic Band Mechanism
HCS Highland cattle stampede Mechanism
HP Highland Pride Bait
HW Haunted Week(end) (I, II, III or IV) Special events
IC Ice crystal Accessory
IG Igidius Brown, veteran ghost hunter Contract
IJS Inspector James Sinclair Contract
IC Ivory candle Magic circle
IDW Icy dragon whelp Companion
JJ Jack jones Mocktail
JTB James the butler Contract
JTV Jarisleif the viking Contract
JW Jesperian way Mocktail
KH Kilwittig House Location (R2)
KT Kilwittig Theatre Raid location (R2)
KK Kreepy koko Mixer
LCS Little crystal spider Companion
LCu Little Cu Sith Companion
LDW Lightning dragon whelp Companion
LM Loch Muir Location (R2)
LMF or LOR Lorelle Contract
LR Lucky rabbit Mechanism
LS Little spookie Companion
LT Loch Trool Location (R1)
MAJ Midnight apple juice Mixer
Mass Maß malt juice Bait
MBS Mr. Bastian Shaw Contract
McC Castle McCloud Location (R1)
MCC Mighty chrono crystal Accessory
McD Castle McDougan Location (R1)
McDh Castle McDonohan Location (R3)
McI Castle McIngverson Special events location (R1)
McK Castle McKenny Location (R2)
McW Castle McWallace Location (R2)
MWR McWallace winter residence Special events location (R4)
MDR Mechanic Daniel Roy Contract
MeM Max E. Million Mechanism
MGR McDougan gamemaster room Raid location (R1)
MM Magic maze Mechanism
MM Moormist (green, blue, purple) Bait
MMr Magic mirror Mechanism
MMz Magic maze Mechanism
MR Midnight rider Mocktail
MS Midnight smash Mocktail
MT Magic torches Magic circle
NBB Novice Bryan Bigglesworth Contract
Nessy's Nessy's Golden Reserve Bait
NC Nurse Chapham Contract
NL Neon lights Magic circle
NPE Nessy's platinum edition Mocktail
OC Ornate candle Magic circle
OJ Blood orange juice Mixer
PBx Punch-in-a-box Mechanism
PC Addictive PC game or Pumpkin candles Mechanism or magic circle
PEW 'Pew pew' purple beams Mechanism
PoaR Piano-on-a-rope Mechanism
PAZ Professor Albert Zweistein Contract
PPP Petmaster Peter Powers Contract
PS Poisonous scorpions Mechanism
R1 Region 1 Dumfries and Galloway Region
R2 Region 2 Borders Region
R3 Region 3 Strathclyde Region
R4 Region 4 Lothian Region
RC Red candle Magic circle
Runic Runic candle Magic circle
RT Ruby tuesday Mocktail
RTD Rufus the druid Contract
SAW Sorceress Alithia Winterborn Contract
Sc Silver candle Magic circle
SD Sleeping dragon Mechanism
SEL Selena Darkblade Contract
SM Slapping machine Mechanism
SS Sunken Ship Raid location (R1)
Sheep Explosive sheep dummy Mechanism
SK Skeleton coach Mechanism
Skull Laughing skulls Magic circle
SN Sensei Nakamura Contract
SOD Sir Overdrive Contract
STF Sebastian the Frisian Contract
StL Starlight Magic circle
SOM3K Suck-o-matic 3000 Mechanism
SOM9K Suck-o-matic 9000 Mechanism
T/SC Time/space continuum Atribute
TC Twilight candle Magic circle
TCM The chairman Contract
TDW Twilight dragon whelp Companion
TW Time warper Mechanism
TWL The White Lady Contract
TWPE Time warper platinum edition Mechanism
UV UV Light Magic circle
VC Violet candle Magic circle
VFT Venus fly trap Mechanism
VIL Vilevere Contract
WC White candle Magic circle
WP Wax pyramids Magic circle
Wormhole/WPE Wormhole platinum edition Mechanism
WPh White phosphor Magic circle
WT Wellsington Tower Location (R3)
X-K X-Kaliboo Mechanism
XP Experience points Gameplay
ZEP Zoologist Emma Parker Contract


Acronym Meaning
CC Count Church
CSC Cu Sith Carnival (Special events raiding)
Dormont Dormont Cemetery
GA Glenluck Abbey
GRC Ghost Rock Concert (Raid location R2)
KH Kilwittig House
KT Kilwittig Theatre (Raid location R2)
LM Loch Muir
LT Loch Trool
McDoyle Castle McDoyle (Special events)
McC Castle McCloud
McD Castle McDougan
McDh Castle McDonohan
McI Castle McIngverson (Special events)
McK Castle McKenny
McMahon Castle McMahon (Special events location R3)
McW Castle McWallace
MGR McDougan gamemaster room (Raid location R1)
R1 Dumfries and Galloway
R2 Borders
R3 Strathclyde
R4 Lothian
EE Egyptian Exhibition (Raid location R3)
SS Sunken Ship (Raid location R1)
WT Wellsington Tower


Acronym or shorthand Meaning
AGZ Anti-gravity zone
APB Abyssal phone booth
BBT Bottle Barrage Tank
BH Black hole
BskP Basilisk pit
Bus Ghost bus
CS Crystal spider
EHHB Eternal Happy Hour Bar
EP The Emerald Pearl or Ether portal
FZ Freezer
GM Ghost magnet (crafted)
GVB German Volksmusic Band
HCS Highland cattle stampede
JUKE Piper jukebox
LR Lucky rabbit
MeM Max E. Million
MM Magic maze (crafted)
MMr Magic mirror
MMz Magic maze (crafted)
PBx Punch-in-a-box
PC Addictive PC game
PEW 'Pew pew' purple beams
PoaR Piano-on-a-rope
PS Poisonous scorpions
SD Sleeping dragon
Sheep Explosive sheep dummy
SK Skeleton coach
SM Slapping machine
SOM3K Suck-o-matic 3000
SOM9K Suck-o-matic 9000 (crafted)
TW Time warper
TWPE Time warper platinum edition
VFT Venus fly trap
Wormhole/WPE Wormhole platinum edition
X-K X-Kaliboo

Candles/Magic circles

Acronym Meaning
BB Burning bottles
BC Black candle (crafted)
BFF Bottled fireflies
DB Dragon breath
DotW Dance-of-the-wisps
GC Golden candles
Goo Ectoplasmatic goo
IC Ivory candle (crafted)
Ink Ghost ink
MT Magic torches
NL Neon lights
OC Ornate candle
PC Pumpkin candles
RC Red candle
RnC Runic candle (crafted)
SC Silver candle
Skull Laughing skulls
TC Twilight candle
UV UV Light
VC Violet candle
WC White candle
WP Wax pyramids
WPh White phosphor
StL Starlight


Acronym or shorthand Meaning
Nessy Nessy's Golden Reserve
JW Jesperian way
Mass Maß malt juice (specialty bait)
MMGreen Moormist — green
MMBlue Moormist — blue (special edition)
MMPurple Moormist — purple (special edition)
GGOD Green goddess
GGGreen Glengreen — green
GGBlue Glengreen — blue (special edition)
HP Highland Pride
OJ/BOJ Blood orange juice
AJ/MAJ Midnight apple juice
CJ/DCJ Dark cherry juice
WTe Widow tears
KK Kreepy koko
JJ Jack jones
AZ Apple zapper
- Gentleman
BT Black tartan
RT Ruby tuesday
BH Braveheart (use of this abbreviation will cause confusion with the mechanism Black hole)
DD Devil driver
CR Corpse reviver
MR Midnight rider
MS Midnight smash


Acronym Meaning
ACD Assistant Chip Dale
BTW Bianca the waitress
BDH Biochemist Dana Hunter
CPF Cyberengineer Phil Fox
DS Dancing skeleton
WIL Countess Wilhelmina
DFN Dr Fürchtegott Nussbaum
ECT Engineer Clyde Throckmorton
EG Ether guardian
ER Ekaterina Rubikski
GTS Gwynnyth the shaman
IG Igidius Brown, veteran ghost hunter
IJS Inspector James Sinclair
JTB James the butler
JTV Jarisleif the viking
LMF or LOR Lorelle
MBS Mr. Bastian Shaw
MDR Mechanic Daniel Roy
NBB Novice Bryan Bigglesworth
NC Nurse Chapham
PAZ Professor Albert Zweistein
PPP Petmaster Peter Powers
RTD Rufus the druid
SAW Sorceress Alithia Winterborn
SEL Selena Darkblade
SN Sensei Nakamura
SOD Sir Overdrive
STF Sebastian the Frisian
TCM The chairman
TWL The White Lady
TQ Tracy Queen
VIL Vilevere
ZEP Zoologist Emma Parker


Acronym Meaning
EDW Emerald dragon whelp
FDW Fire dragon whelp
FER Ghost ferret
IDW Icy dragon whelp
LCS Little crystal spider
LCu Little Cu Sith
LDW Lightning dragon whelp
TDW Twilight dragon whelp


Acronym Meaning
CD Cooldown
CW Celebration Week I
Doppel or dopple Doppelgänger
HW Haunted Week(end) I, II, III, or IV
MA Midnight attraction
T/SC Time/space continuum
GBP Ghost British pound/Great Britain pound
GT Ghost Trappers
GTP Ghost Trapper pound
GP Ghost Puzzlers
GPi Ghost Puzzlers iPhone Edition
XP Experience points
CCF Chrono crystal fragment
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