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Football fever
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The football fever stat increases your chance of attracting one of the eight ghosts that will be part of the World Cup 2018 finals.


The more of the items shown under the equipment index you have in your setup, the higher your chances of gaining the football fever stat.

The value of the different items' football fever are added together to reach your total football fever stat value.

Equipment index

The following pieces of equipment will add the football fever stat to your setup:

Item Type Power type
if appropriate
Football fever value
Corner flag     Corner flag
Accessory 5
Couch potato     Couch potato
Companion 10
Contract Magic circles 12
Football camera     Football camera
Camera 9
Gegenpressing     Gegenpressing
Bait 5
Parking the bus     Parking the bus
Accessory 3
Red card special item     Red card special item
Accessory 3
Video assistant referee     Video assistant referee
Contract Magic circles 10
World Cup 2018 agent     World Cup 2018 agent
ID badge 3
World Cup 2018 collection     World Cup 2018 collection
Collection bonus 10
Yellow card     Yellow card
Accessory 3
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Football fever value


  • 14 June 2018: The football fever stat was officially added to Ghost Trappers, although it had appeared on several items as a preview prior to that date.

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