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FAQ about Raiding


Getting started

What do I need to do to get ready to raid?

The Raid unit page has a lot of useful information for you and is an easy way for you to communicate with your unit's other members.

The most important thing to do is to communicate with other members of your raid unit regularly.

How do I start a raid?

The group leader is the only person who can start a raid.

When the group's cooldown is over (the button says, "Enter raiding location" rather than showing a time), the group leader can start the raid by clicking on the "Enter raiding location" button. Then the leader will be shown the map of Virtual Scotland and will be able to choose where your party will be raiding.

Where can I raid?

The highest raid location that a team can reach is determined by the member with the lowest XP. The following shows the areas that become available based on the lowest XP team member:

Do we all have to use Nessy's as bait all the time to get 7 hunts on our raid?

If any person on your team is using a bait other than one of the Nessy or Shadetouch families as bait on the fifth hunt, your unit will have a total of 5 hunts (4 minion hunts and 1 shot at the boss if you caught all four of the minion ghosts).

If your team members are all using one of the Nessy or Shadetouch families as bait on the fifth and sixth hunts, you will have a total of 7 hunts (6 minion and 1 shot at the boss if you caught 4 minions during the earlier part of the raid). You must catch at least 4 minions to have a chance to see the boss ghost. If you don't catch at least 4 minions, your final hunt of the raid will also be a minion ghost.

Set-up questions

Q: Can I change my trap setup during the raid?

A: Yes, but remember that if any member of the group switches their bait from one of the Nessy or Shadetouch families to something else during the raid, the number of hunts your group gets may be affected.

Q: Does my whole group need to be online to raid?

A: No, they don't. As long as a group member has bait in their setup, their power and mystic power will be counted in determining your team's overall power.

Q: What happens if some members use one of the Nessy or Shadetouch families as bait while some just use normal baits?

A: The key hunts to have one of the Nessy or Shadetouch families as bait are the 5th and 6th hunts. If even one member of the unit does not have one of the Nessy or Shadetouch families as bait on the fifth hunt, your entire group will only receive 5 hunts in total, just as if no one was using one of the Nessy or Shadetouch families at all.

Note: It can be very difficult to coordinate every one in your group to be online and available to switch to an appropriate bait on the 5th hunt. In those instances, you may want everyone to use one of the Nessy or Shadetouch families as bait from the beginning of the raid.

Questions about catching raid ghosts

Q: Do I have to catch all four different minions in a region to encounter the boss?

A: As long as you have 4 successful traps during your raid, you have a chance to see the boss ghost. Those four successful catches can be any combination of the minion ghosts available in that area, even 4 of the same minion.

Q: Does my entire group have to click hunt?

A: Only one person in the group can click Let's hunt! for any individual hunt. Some groups let one person start all of the raid hunts. Other groups take turns hitting Let's hunt! You can reload your page by clicking the Camp tab after each hunt to see what you caught.

Travelling and timing questions

Q: Do I have a time limit in a location?

A: You have a hunt limit in a raid, not a time limit: you will have five (5) hunts if any member of your 5-player group is not using Nessy's as bait on that 5th hunt. You will have seven (7) hunts if every member of your 5-player group is using Nessy's as bait on the fifth and 6th hunts.

Q: Does it cost me money to travel to a raid location?

A: No.

Q: We finished our raid. When can I raid again?

A: You can raid after 23 hours from when you started your last raid. You can see this time on your raid unit page.

Q: I haven't raided yet today but my unit page shows a time instead of a start raid button. What's up with that?

A: Someone in your group has raided within the last 23 hours and that fact is preventing you from raiding right now. You will need to find the player who has already raided, and then either ask them to leave or remove them from the group before you'll be able to raid.

Q: I've started to go on a raid and changed my mind. But now I can't return to normal locations. What's going on?

A: Your raid unit MUST complete your raid before you can return to a normal location. You will return to your last location automatically after the raid is over.

Raiding groups

Q: I'm going to be away on vacation without my computer and I'm my raid unit's leader. Is there anything I can do?

A. Yes. You can appoint someone else in the group to be the leader while you are gone.

Q. My raid unit never actually raids. What can I do?

A. You can:

  • see if the unit leader is willing to appoint someone else in the group to be the leader;
  • leave the group and find a new raid unit that works better for you.
Q: Can I be in more than one raid group at the same time?

A: No.

Raiding locations

Q: Will there be more raid locations?

A: The short answer is "Yes".


Q: What new items are in the raids?

A: Each raiding location thus far has had loot drops that include:

Disbanding or leaving a raid unit

Q: Can I disband my group while my team is on a raid?

A: No. You must wait till your team returns from the raiding location after your raid is completed. Then the unit leader has the option to disband your unit on the Raid Unit Page. If you are not the leader you must wait til the group is back from the raid to leave the group.

Q: How do I disband my unit?

A: You can only disband a unit if you are a leader. To do so you need to go into your Raid unit Page and then click on the button under your team stats that says "Disband Unit" in blue writing. Click that button and your raid unit will be disbanded.

Q: I'm still having problems leaving my raid unit (or disbanding my raid unit) even after trying the things you suggest above. Now what?

Try the following links:

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