Eye of the depths

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Eye of the depths
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The Eye of the depths is one type of currency, one which you must acquire (along with several others) before you can purchase the Trident of the Sea from Lady Bayoushi's shop.


Ghosts and locations

You can occasionally acquire the eye of the depthss as loot only from the following monster:

Ghost Region Location Via trapdoor
Special event
Additional information
Vampire shark lord     Vampire shark lord
Borders Ghostlantis Loch Muir Monster; requires:

Needs low sanguine scent


The Eye of the depths is part of the currency required to purchase the Trident of the Sea special item with stats from Lady Bayoushi's shop.


  • 5 September 2018: The Eye of the depths was added to Ghost Trappers with the introduction of Ghostlantis.

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