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The expose weakness stat gives a percentage chance increase in your chance to find a ghost that is vulnerable to your trap type.


You can add the expose weakness stat to your setup by including one or more of the following items in your build:

Item Type Power type
(if applicable)
Expose weakness
Cardinal feather     Cardinal feather
Accessory 5%
Ceremonial robe     Ceremonial robe
Accessory 2%
Cobweb pendant     Cobweb pendant
Accessory 5%
Ghost kangaro     Ghost kangaroo
Companion 3%
Ghost koala     Ghost koala
Companion 2%
Glenclose snowglobe     Glenclose snowglobe
Accessory 5%
GT football jersey     GT football jersey
Accessory 3%
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Expose weakness stat
Knight's helmet     Knight's helmet
Accessory 3%
Neilina the unicorn rider     Neilina the unicorn rider
Contract Traditional 5%
Expose weakness normal augmentation     Normal expose weakness augmentation
Companion augmentation 1%
Ornithopter     Ornithopter
Accessory 5%
Pandemic agent     Pandemic agent
ID badge 5%
Rubber ring     Rubber ring
Accessory 3%
Item Type Power type or notes
if relevant
Expose weakness stat
Shannara McDoyle     Shannara McDoyle
Contract Magic circles 10%
Skull branding iron     Skull branding iron
Special items 3%
Skycaptain dragon whelp     Skycaptain dragon whelp
Companion 15%
Expose weakness supergroup one augmentation     Supergroup one expose weakness augmentation
Companion augmentation 2%
Trawling net     Trawling net
Accessory 5%
:USB stick     USB stick
Accessory 4%


  • 27 August 2012: The expose weakness talent was added to the buster talent tree.
  • 14 March 2013: The expose weakness stat was generalized from the talent tree to the knight's helmet accessory, broadening its availability across equipment items.

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