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Efficiency is a measure of how well your trap uses, consumes, or burns its energy (bait).

Efficiency rating

Your total setup can have either neutral efficiency or burner efficiency.

A single component in your setup may have antiburner efficiency, be neutral, or have burner efficiency.

Neutral efficiency

A neutral, or standard, efficiency rating for a setup (mechanism, magic circle, companion, contract, and bait) is "0".

With a neutral setup, you use one bottle of bait per hunt.

Burner efficiency

"Burner" can refer either to a setup or to a single component of that setup.

A burner setup causes you to use 2, 3 or even 4 or more bottles of bait per hunt.

You create a burner setup when you add a burner component (mechanism, magic circle, companion, or contract) that uses more than one bottle of bait per hunt.

Generally, a component with a burner efficiency gives your setup additional power. The additional bait is usually a trade-off in return for gaining that additional power.

Antiburner efficiency

A complete setup can never have an antiburner efficiency—you always have to use at least one bottle of bait per hunt (unless on the house kicks in to save your bait!).

Individual setup components can have antiburner efficiency. Those components reduce the number of bottles of bait required for a hunt by 1 or more (but never below 1).

Generally, a component with an antiburner efficiency adds no or few other strong attributes to your setup.

Hunting with burners

If you use mocktails or Nessy's as bait with a burner setup, you will not lose the mocktails or Nessy's when you fail to catch a ghost. If you use any of the standard or special edition magic potions as bait, you will lose all the bottles in your setup if you fail to catch a ghost, the ghost steals from you, or an angel's share occurs.

Component ratings

Each individual component of your trap setup can affect the efficiency of your trap set-up — either positively or negatively.


Items that affect your trap's efficiency rating negatively (those that use more than 1 bottle of bait per hunt) are referred to as "burners".

Burner components have an efficiency rating of +1, +2, +3, etc. (which means they use one or more additional bottles of bait per hunt).


Items that can counteract the affect of a burner component are called "anti-burners".

Antiburner components have an efficiency rating of -1, -2, etc. (meaning that they cancel out one or more additional bottles of bait used by a burner).

If there is no burner component in a setup, a component with an antiburner efficiency rating has no effect on the bait used by your setup.


See the individual pages for antiburner and burner to see all of the components that add those stats to your setup.

Combining burner components

Use care in combining components with burner efficiency.

It would be easy to create a setup that included a mechanism, a magic circle and a contract that were all burners, and the total number of bottles used can soar without you noticing it.

The highest burner efficiency rating that you could (theoretically) have is 6:

Since burner efficiency is expressed in additional bottles of bait, that setup would use 7 bottles of bait per hunt.


Dealing with burner components is a perfect example of the kinds of choices and trade-offs you must make throughout Virtual Scotland.

There is no correct answer — there is simply the choice that benefits your current goals the most (or the choice that minimizes the amount of pain you feel watching bait disappear). It's all a matter of taste and your current goals.

Many people prefer to use cheaper bait with a burner component. They tend to see burner components as an occasional necessary evil.

Others will use Nessy's Golden Reserve or mocktails with a burner in their setup, because they are trying to capture a ghost that requires more power to catch than is otherwise available. Again, this is purely a matter of taste.

We recommend evaluating your costs for the bait in question, and comparing that with the average value of the ghosts you are likely to catch, for one measure to consider. Only you know what is most important to you in Ghost Trappers right now, and that is probably the most important factor to consider to help you determine the best strategy for your own use of these components.

Special circumstances — Raiding

If a person in a raiding group has a burner component in their set-up, only that member of the unit will use an additional bottle of bait on each raid hunt.

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