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There are several ways and methods an agent of S.C.O.T.C.H. can contribute to Ghost Trappers development and support.

Thank-yous for donations include special items (companions, contracts, accessories, bait. mixers), id badges, and Nessy's Golden Reserves.

Specific details of available thank-yous are available in-game on the Donations page.

Duribng special events, such as Haunted weeks or Celebration weeks, there may be special deais available that increase the number of Nessy's or mocktails that you can receive as part of your thank-you. Always check the Donations page for details.

Donation methods

Small developers, such as Diviad, rely on donations from those players who can and are willing to contribute to help maintain their applications and pay for future development.

All payment methods have a cost to Diviad: as described below, with Facebook credits, 30% of your donation goes to Facebook, not to Diviad. A donation made through PayPal loses about 5% to overhead (the costs associated with receiving payment through Paypal's transaction services), so Diviad receives 95% of your donation.

If you choose, you can specify that you are donating on behalf of a friend.

If you are donating for a friend, the entire donation package (Nessy's, thank-you gift, and badge) is given to your friend.

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Facebook only

Facebook credits.png

Facebook credits

Facebook credits is a virtual currency you can use to buy virtual goods on Facebook. (You can use Paypal to fund your Facebook credits account, or you can purchase a game card at some major retailers in the USA to add funds to a Facebook credit account.)

As of 1 July 2011, Facebook required all social game developers on the Facebook canvas platform (like Diviad) to process payments only through Facebook credits. Facebook takes 30% of all donations made via credits off the top.

You can use Facebook credits to donate on the Facebook version of Ghost Trappers only.

If you don't already have FB credits in your account, you are given the option to add funds to purchase more credits after you click on the reward you want on the Ghost Trappers donations page.

Additional donation options (and additional deals) are available through donations made directly on the ghost-trappers site.


In addition to single item rewards, you can also find certain rewards bundled together to give you more value for your donation dollars.

The bundles combine an accessory, a recipe, a cauldron, or a contract, for example, with multiple bottles of bait, mixers, Nessy's, and ID badges in a value package. See the Donation page for the standalone version or the Donation page for the FB version for details about the currently available bundles.

Payment methods for


Paypal is an online payment system that is designed for use with credit cards and personal accounts. Transactions in Paypal are conducted using US dollars (USD or US $).

Cherry credits

Cherry credits is another method of making a donation to help support Ghost Trappers.

Cherry credits is a micro-payment system that is available primarily in Asia (Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand). Users can either use a traditional payment system to fund their account or they can make their micro-payments through the use of a scratch-card purchased at a local store and a PIN entered on the Cherry Credits site to purchase items from Ghost Trappers.

Users in Indonesia can purchase Cherry Credits through Gudang Voucher.

Users in Europe and the UK can also use Cherry Credits; visit the Cherry Credits site for additional information.

Payment glitches

Occasionally, there are glitches with payments. When there is a problem with a donation, please contact the moderator, Elaine Brennan, for help.

Reversing donations

Please don't reverse donations to Diviad! Doing so could jeopardize our ability to accept donations via Paypal. If there is a problem, such as a duplicated donation, please contact the moderator, Elaine Brennan, for help.

Because of the potential for abuse and fraud, players who reverse donations made through Paypal may be banned.


  • 1 July 2011: Facebook credits become the sole form of virtual currency on the Facebook version of Ghost Trappers.
  • 7 October 2011: You can now donate on behalf of a friend.
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