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Diviad points
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Diviad points are a type of currency, used to purchase items from Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop, the Q-section in S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ and other places.


Diviad points can be obtained by:

  • having them dropped as loot by various ghosts
  • playing Words with ghosts and completing words (new words released daily, assuming completion/quit of previous word)
  • completing weekly special missions that offer Diviad points as part of their reward

Aliens and UFOs

The following aliens and UFOs may occasionally drop Diviad points as loot in England:

Special ghost loot

The following special occasion ghosts have been known to occasionally drop Diviad points as ghost loot:

Ghost Release date

Andi ghost 9 July
Candyfloss ghost Summoning room

Dirndl geist Summoning room
Fescher dirndl geist Summoning room
Guy Fawkes ghost early November
Inception ghost 11 October 2018
Oktoberfest geist Summoning room
Royal wedding ghost random (as circumstances suggest)
Superstitious ghost Friday the 13th
Vendetta ghost early November
Zünftiger Oktoberfest geist Summoning room

The Brooke ghost occasionally dropped diviad points as loot before it was retired.


The items that can be purchased, in whole or partially, using Diviad points include:

Item Type XP requirement
if any
Diviad points
Other currency
if needed
ID badges-Adventurous agent.jpg     Adventurous agent badge
ID badge 1800
ID badges-Amethyst agent.jpg     Amethyst agent
ID badge 750 10 Joker cards
Mechanisms-Arctic cyberraptor.jpg     Arctic cyberraptor
Mechanism 25,000,000 2500
Icons-Aardvark.png     Aardvark
Companion 4500 40 Joker cards
Avatars-30b.jpg     Avatars
Avatars 200
Cameras-Cold snapper.jpg     Cold snapper
Camera 3600
Mechanisms-Deep freezer.jpg     Deep freezer
Mechanism 20,000 900
Contracts-Dreamer elder fairy.jpg     Dreamer, elder fairy
Contract 1500 50 Joker cards
Mechanisms-Emerald snow pearl.jpg     Emerald pearl snowglobe
Mechanism 900,000 900
Icons-Fairy dragon whelp.png     Fairy dragon whelp
Companion 20,000 150 Joker cards
Magic circles-Fireworks.jpg     Fireworks
Magic circle 5,000,000 1200 15 Joker cards
Contracts-Gareth the highly intelligent.jpg     Gareth the highly intelligent
Contract 1500 50 Joker cards
Icons-Ghost snow owl.png     Ghost snow owl
Companion 3600
Mechanism-Highland cattle stampede.jpg     Highland cattle stampede
Mechanism 60,000 900 300,000 £
Cameras-Kaleidoscope camera.jpg     Kaleidoscope camera
Camera 3600 36 Joker cards
Contracts-Maggie may the medium.jpg     Maggie May the medium
Contract 1500 50 Joker cards
Contracts-Olinda primrose.jpg     Olinda Primrose the quiet
Contract 1500 50 Joker cards
Cameras-Phone camera.jpg     Phone camera
Camera 1500 20 Joker cards
Icons-Pink spooky.png     Pink spooky
Companion 3000
Mechanism-Poisonous scorpions.jpg     Poisonous scorpions
Mechanism 180,000 900 1,000,000 £
Icons-Raiding dragon whelp.png     Raiding dragon whelp
Companion 9000
Magic potions-Shadetouch blue.jpg     Shadetouch blue 100
Magic potions 800
Magic potions-Shadetouch purple.jpg     Shadetouch purple 50
Magic potions 500
Mechanism-Slapping machine.jpg     Slapping machine
Mechanism 2,600,000 900 4,500,000 £
Icons-Snog.png     Snog
Companion 1000 200 meteorites
1000 dogtags
Mechanisms-Snow covered ether portal.jpg     Snow-covered ether portal
Mechanism 15,000,000 2500
Accessories-Snowglobe.jpg     Snowglobe
Accessory 3600
ID badges-Spectral agent.jpg     Spectral agent
ID badge 2000 30 Joker cards
Cameras-Spy camera.jpg     Spy camera
Camera 1500 20 Joker cards
Contracts-Steve tamer of unicorns.jpg     Steve, tamer of unicorns
Contract 1500 50 Joker cards
ID badges-Sunshine agent.jpg     Sunshine agent
ID badge 750 10 Joker cards
Magic circles-Traffic lights.jpg     Traffic lights
Magic circle 70,000,000 2000 10 Joker cards
Cauldrons-Triassic cauldron.jpg     Triassic cauldron
Cauldron 1500 20 Joker cards
Cameras-Underwater camera.jpg     Underwater camera
Camera 1500 20 Joker cards
ID badges-Verdant agent.jpg     Verdant agent
ID badge 750 10 Joker cards
Mechanisms-White noise recorder.jpg     White noise recorder
Mechanism 110,000 2000 30 Joker cards
Mechanisms-Winter wonderland ghost bus.jpg     Winter wonderland ghost bus
Mechanism 2,600,000 900
Icons-Wooli.png     Wooli
Companion 1000 200 Meteorites
1000 magic wood


  • 9 January 2013: Diviad points were first listed as the currency needed to purchase certain items in Bayoushi's shop.
  • 16 January 2013: Spooky's adventure game was released, allowing agents to start acquiring Diviad points.
  • 11 October 2018: Cleanup of page, removing Spookys Adventure as an option and adding the Inception ghost.

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