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October 2018

Date News

15 October 2018 HW 21 has begun early
Announcements-HW 21 is now.jpg

Dear agents,

Surprise, surprise, HW 21 has begun early.

Remember the crazy Lord McDoyle. He has done it again! This time he is experimenting crossing dinosaur DNA with ghost plasma. We found his secret laboratory. It is a trapdoor in castle McDoyle.

After the more complicated and grindy locations like Digital Room and Ghostlantis we wanted to do something simple and relaxing. There are no status effects or trap requirements, just catch the ghosts and monsters in the lab. The monsters need jurassic plasma.

We brought back weaknesses, so you can optimize your setup if you wish. Keep in mind that trap-type changing companions do not trigger expose weakness!

As you may have guessed the new boxes drop in the lab. The boxes are meant to be a catch-up mechanic for those who are dearly missing a few older drops, they are not a shortcut to newer content. That is why we have to limit the drop rate to four boxes daily (of each type).

The jollyfish at Bayoushi's have been buffed with boxes loot hunters.

As usual donators get +20% more Nessy's with their donations, but we also give a 10% discount on all items. However, we had to say goodbye to Cherry Credits.

So enjoy the lab and check out Ghost Tappers.

10 October 2018 Jollyfish

All jollyfish in the store have been buffed.

9 October 2018 HW 21 (wall post)
Announcements-Haunted week 21.jpg

HW 21 has been announced.

September 2018

Date News

5 September 2018 The secrets of Ghostlantis
Announcements-Ghostlantis is open.jpg

Dear agents,

the secret city of Ghostlantis has been found, and it is beneath Loch Muir.

It is a new trapdoor region with an underwater theme - of course - that is not difficult but rather tricky. The King of the Sea seeks to assemble the Trident of the Sea and he needs your help.

You have to do certain things first before you can get other things which are even needed for more things. :)

The advise from the Chairman is to work together with your fellow agents on the Discord, FB groups, and on the forums. Ghostlantis is supposed to take time.

There is a new currency: seashells. Check out Bayoushi’s to see what you can buy for those.

Also donators may want to look at the new premium items.

And next month there is HW already. Remember Lord McDoyle? He is conducting terrible experiments in the Ludicrous Laboratory of Lord McDoyle

August 2018

Date News

28 August 2018 Preview


Here is a little preview of our next location. We are going deep deep down. And one thing we learned from the Digital Room: No key needed this time, we don't want to keep players out bu let everybody in!

6 August 2018 Digital room
Announcements-Digital room is open.jpg

Dear agents,

some gamer agents have recently discovered a secret trapdoor in Castle McDonohan which leads to the Digital Room.

Getting an Adventure key from the Teleporter ghost is how you can find your way there too.

The theme is pixel art, so no, there is nothing wrong with your monitor.

A mod in the Digital Room has set it to Nightmare Mode, so expect the ghosts there to be difficult to trap. They can also steal XP and GBP from you!

You can find new loot and new souvenirs in the Digital Room. There are also new contracts to buy for the new currency Digital Coin at Bayoushi’s.

We recently added new daily click rewards with “anti-stats”. This sounds weird at first, but we have learned from the Raven Ruins and the Stadium that it is sometimes better to lower your attraction for specific monsters.

So we also added anti-stats items at Bayoushi’s with other anti-stats items as donation thank-yous, including a new bundle.

Next will be a surprise location and after that we are already planning for HW21. Lord McDoyle will be back and he has evil plans ...

July 2018

Date News

23 July 2018 New summoning ghosts and New anti-stats
Announcements-Summon the World Cup 2018 ghosts and Anti-stats.jpg

The World Cup ghosts have become summoning ghosts now. Also there are new daily click introducing "anti-stats". More of these will come with the Digital Room.

4 July 2018 Final 8 World Cup 2018
Announcements-World Cup 2018 final 8.jpg

Dear agents,

first of all a happy Independence Day to our American friends.

We now know the final 8 in the world cup.

This means you can attract them now in the stadium with the help of the football fever stat.

The final 4 will drop a bronze cup. This will be changed to a silver cup, and then the winner will drop a gold cup.

We have added a new kind of lens to the store, along with the Football Dragon Whelp from 2014, and you can exchange footballs for golden nuggets or raven coins. And of course, some premium items. :D

After the WC is over the stadium will be open for a few more days, and then the normal football ghosts and the final 8 will become summoning ghosts.

Next is the Gamemaster Digital room with a pixel art theme. Unfortunately somebody has activated the nightmare mode! You may want to check out the Teleporter Ghost. :)

June 2018

Date News

14 June 2018 World Cup 2018
Announcements-World Cup 2018.jpg

Dear agents,

of course the ghosts are not unaffected by what is going on n the corporeal world. Of course they like football, so they built a stadium near Loch Muir.

All you need is a football ticket to go there (trapdoor), but a football fanatic ghost is running around and giving out tickets.

You can collect a new souvenir set, and when we know the final 8 teams (on June 30th) you can attract their ghost inside the stadium with a new stat called football fever. Also check out the new premium contract companion Couch potato. :)

There are new items in Bayoushi’s store to get you started.

As the tournament progresses, ghosts whose country get to the next round will gain new loot.

11 June 2018 Raven Ruins and Andi's Pizza Contest
Raven ruins

dear agents

there is a bleak, grey place called the Raven Ruins. The ghosts that live there are very sad. So it is up to you to make them happy again. But there is more to the Raven Ruins than meets the eye. Two statues of legendary ravens are hidden there, and you will need the help of the ghosts to find and assemble them.

Raven Ruins is a trapdoor at Wellsington Tower which is aimed at R3+ players. Rising Sun Castle was aimed at endgame players, but this time we want as many of you as possible to enjoy it.

Ghost are “sad” and you will need the Happymaker stat to trap them, similar to burning, frozen and shattered ghosts. Happymaker has been released before in small doses. I hope you have finished last week’s mission.

There are new monsters there and you will need a cauldron that uses blood plasma.

The adventure starts at Bayoushi’s store where you can buy the Raven Key, Happy spray and something called “Hugin base”. Also check out the new collections, drops, and premium items. :)

Speaking of, one premium item is the Happy Pizza. because pizza makes everyone happy, right? So we thought of a little game: Next time you go to a pizzeria (or make one yourself), order one that looks like the Happy Pizza, then post a picture of it either on the forums, your FB groups, my wall, just make sure I see it. Then you will receive 300 Nessy’s supreme. :)

Next will be a feature that is centered around a ball. :)

See you then

4 June 2018 Raven Ruins coming ...
Hints-Raven Ruins location.jpg

The Raven Ruins were one of the popular locations in #ghosttappers, so expect them soon in #ghosttrappers .

May 2018

Date News

14 May 2018 Rising Sun castle
Announcements-Rising Sun castle.jpg

Welcome to the 2nd hunting ground in Tayside, the Rising Sun Castle …

Say what, a Japanese castle in Scotland?

Yes, some agents have found a Torii Portal and after further investigation that portal led straight through space and time to a Japanese-themed castle.

Since Japan is very traditional, this will be an old-school hunting ground, meaning no burning, frozen, or shattered shenanigans, just plain old normal, midnight and secret ghost, so raw power is king (for the new ghosts, not for some old ones that may have sneaked into it). There are new monsters, and since the castle is located in the past, these new monsters require a cauldron that uses jurassic plasma.

There are new loot drops, collections, and premium items for those who want to help out.

After that we will have a crossover that revives the nightmare theme, and a very sad location that needs you to be happy again.

See you then

14 May 2018 Ghost Tappers beta

Dear agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. and welcome to all future agents,

For years players have been asking us if we want to do an app for Ghost Trappers. Of course we thought that would be cool, but it required a different coding language (Unity3D) along with the big question if a mobile version of Ghost Trappers would really make sense, since you can open it easily on your smartphone or tablet browser.

Over one (or even two) years ago a new genre of games had entered the market: clicker and idle games. We liked them since they are simple, so-to-speak in the same mindset as GT in a way. As we played them more and more it dawned on us: Ghost Trappers would make an excellent clicker game, hell it even has T(r)appers in the name already!

We wanted to transport the feeling, cuteness, and light-heartedness of Ghost Trappers into the mobile world without copying the original gameplay, which is almost 10 years old by now. Times have changed. 10 years ago when I took the subway to the office nobody was using smartphones. Today I would say 95% have them in their hands. Most of them are playing games (yes, I am creepy and stare at other people’s screens).

So it quickly became clear that Ghost Tappers must be the next installment in the Ghost Trappers universe.

For those who don’t know Ghost Trappers yet, check out this forum or simply start playing on either Facebook ( or on the standalone version ( which requires you to first create an account in the Facebook version.

Okay, what is this Tappers thingie?

You are still an agent of S.C.O.T.C.H. whose job is it to take pictures of ghosts all over the world. This time you are doing this by tapping on the ghosts or play idly (hence the term idle games) and let your agents do the job in the background. You collect photos, hire agents (contracts for the Trappers players), and collect companions, while “boosting” yourself with our non-alcoholic mocktails at the bar.

Since I know all the old agents so well, I know that some concerns will be raised. This is a positive thing for Ghost Trappers. We have a new publisher, a company called “Wild River” that belongs to Bavaria Film Studios, known for “Das Boot” and “The neverending story”. The Bavarian connection was important to both parties (oh, we have a new Diviad logo now). So we have more resources and everything we do can be used in both games. For example, Tappers has two Japanese-themed castles, which will also be released in the next months in Ghost Trappers. There is an underwater region planned which we call “Ghostlantis” which will be produced for both games. You get my point. :)

Our homepage is You can find the facebook page here: and we would be happy if you joined the Ghost Tappers Discord channel at:

Okay, now the technical stuff: You are the first to see the game outside the company and we need your help! We need beta testers that really play the game a little bit and provide honest feedback. If you are not into clicker/idle games (we know they are a niche and not for everybody) then there is no point giving feedback just like “I don’t like it”.

For those who think they might dig it, please join the beta and spread the word!

To access the beta visit our homepage (, enter your email and choose Android or IOS. IOS users will have to download the test center, Android users will have to search for Ghst Tappers in the Play Store.

You can play the game and make ingame purchases for testing purposes that won’t be charged.

We have around 400 beta slots, so hurry :)

Please keep in mind that we have to meet certain deadlines and cannot add any new features. Yes, a guild and tournament system would be great, but this will happen after release. Right now this is all the stuff we got and will release.

We made a survey that you can find here;

We will send out beta invites 2 or 3 times per day, within our office hours (7am – 5pm GMT+1), so please have a little patience.:)

It would help us tremendously if you could fill in the survey. If you want to add more detailed comments, you can of course do this in this thread.

Your feedback is important and we still have (a little bit of) time to make some changes.

So, I hope your fingertips are burning from clicking. Cannot wait to hear your feedback, we had to keep this a secret for what felt like 100 years. :)

Andi the Chairman of S.C.O.T.C.H.

March 2018

Date News

21 March 2018 Surprise surprise, HW 20 has begun :)
Announcements-Haunted week 20.jpg

Dear agents,

as some of you knew I have been sick with the killerflue for the last 3 weeks, that is why I was not on my Pc a lot.

However, we could finish all the work for HW 20 and why not release it as planned.

So return to the classic castle, collect more scythes and missing collection pieces.

There is one new scythe in the shop, and if you can travel to Castle McDoyle Nightmare mode, Egsby castle, McDuff lighthouse, MacWallace Winter residence, you will see that your golden plasma attracts new monsters there!

We have a few quality-of-life changes:

  • Shadetouch blue is now tradeable
  • Special items page now has the ability to only shows favourite items
  • Companions now also display their type (e.g. Dragon whelp)

The following ghosts now drop golden nuggets:

Next will be a supercool announcement concerning GT a little bit, but in a positive way.

And then I couldn’t stop Daniel to do a Japanese-themed castle and ghosts. :)

Also check for a special Easter ghost!

February 2018

Date News

12 February 2018 Ready Agent One
Announcements-Ready Agent One.jpg

Dear agents,

there have always been rumours about the Mother Nessy, but they have been dismissed just at that - rumours.

Now one agent has found a clue he says is actually indicating the existence of Mother Nessy — but that agent has disappeared since he found that clue.

We know that there are several Nessy Ectoplasmatic Glue Globes or Nessy E.G.G.s (in short} out there, but this is where our knowledge ends.

We need the help of all agents, and it is up to you if you work alone or together to become an E.G.G. Hunter and maybe be the first to find Mother Nessy.

However, the Chairman still thinks it is all just a rumour …

January 2018

Date News

15 January 2018 The Mystery of the Golden Rider
Announcements-Mystery of the golden rider.jpg

Agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.,

There have been rumours of the Golden Rider statue which has the ability to make valuable items invisible so that they stay hidden forever. Many think the Golden Rider is just a story.

However, the Undertaker ghost has found a new and peculiar item during his graveyard shift. Maybe you want to see what that is, and then figure out the next step?

...and that is all we want to say. As with the Dark Dimension, we want to have agents work together to solve this mystery. So check out this thread, the wiki's The Mystery of the Golden Rider page, or your Facebook groups.

There are two new stats, Gold rain and Gold dust.

Please keep in mind that this feature is supposed to take some time to complete. It is not supposed to be done in one week.

Donators may want to check out the new premium items.

The next feature is called Ready Agent One and you will become Nessy-EGGhunters.


  • 1 January 2010: Page created to separate out wiki news from game news.

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