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February 2018

Date News

12 February 2018 Ready Agent One
Announcements-Ready Agent One.jpg

Dear agents,

there have always been rumours about the Mother Nessy, but they have been dismissed just at that - rumours.

Now one agent has found a clue he says is actually indicating the existence of Mother Nessy — but that agent has disappeared since he found that clue.

We know that there are several Nessy Ectoplasmatic Glue Globes or Nessy E.G.G.s (in short} out there, but this is where our knowledge ends.

We need the help of all agents, and it is up to you if you work alone or together to become an E.G.G. Hunter and maybe be the first to find Mother Nessy.

However, the Chairman still thinks it is all just a rumour …

January 2018

Date News

15 January 2018 The Mystery of the Golden Rider
Announcements-Mystery of the golden rider.jpg

Agents of S.C.O.T.C.H.,

There have been rumours of the Golden Rider statue which has the ability to make valuable items invisible so that they stay hidden forever. Many think the Golden Rider is just a story.

However, the Undertaker ghost has found a new and peculiar item during his graveyard shift. Maybe you want to see what that is, and then figure out the next step?

...and that is all we want to say. As with the Dark Dimension, we want to have agents work together to solve this mystery. So check out this thread, the wiki's The Mystery of the Golden Rider page, or your Facebook groups.

There are two new stats, Gold rain and Gold dust.

Please keep in mind that this feature is supposed to take some time to complete. It is not supposed to be done in one week.

Donators may want to check out the new premium items.

The next feature is called Ready Agent One and you will become Nessy-EGGhunters.


  • 1 January 2010: Page created to separate out wiki news from game news.

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