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October 2017

Date News

4 October 2017 HW 19 announced

... and it will take from October 16th until November 6th.

Don't fear the reapers. :)

September 2017

Date News

11 September 2017 Secret blue ghosts
Announcements-Secret blue ghosts.jpg

Secret blue ghosts are here! They work like the other secret ghosts, however you have to be able to travel to Kirkland cemetery. You will find them in most places (not in all), and some of the more elusive ghosts have been hiding. As usual, use the community to find out where they are.

To attract them you need “Betaray blue”, the more the better!

You can find a cheap camera at Bayoushi’s and 2 kind of lenses to get you started. Different kind of lenses have also been added, e.g. a new betaray blue stereoscopic lens is now available from the stereoscopic box.

These few older items have received betaray blue: Magic Torches, Neon Lights, Shark Basin, Winter Wonderland Ghost Bus, Ghost Puzzlers Board, Assistant Chip Dale, Snowman, Ghost Snake, Arctic freeze, Avalanche

We have a new community item for you, the S.C.O.T.C.H. prism.

Donators may want to look at the new premium items. :)

Sunflower ghosts are gone, but there is a glyph for them in the store now.

About Oktoberfest ghosts: Since they have been available for over a year now as a glyph we think they don’t have to be released this year since they only interfere with your normal trapping. However, we will reduce the cost of the glyph for the duration of the Oktoberfest.

Next (very soon) will be a new reward box for missions with its own theme (like the pirates from last year).

And then it will be HW again .. and this time the reapers will come for you!

August 2017

Date News

9 August 2017 New raid and quality-of-life additions

Dear agents

there have been sightings of an Alien Spaceship in Tayside, but not the nice kind as with our Alien Visitors friends, but the dangerous kind!

Tayside raid

Assemble a team of agents and go there together!

There is a new raid location in Tayside, paying homage to our favourite 80s sci-fi movies and TV shows.

Bad luck protection:

Something you might not notice immediately but it is there. Now the game counts how many ghosts or monsters you have caught. For every 100 you will get an increase in loot chance of unique items (souvenirs, documents, companions etc.).

New augmentations:

The following augmentations have been added:

Mythic super collection:

A new collection consisting of souvenirs from Nessy’s-only ghosts and temptresses. If you have finished the collections, you can choose the bonus of one of your completed collections and copy it (activate the Superbuff). Once your Mythic Super Collection has been locked in you can only change it after 4 weeks. If you want to reset it earlier you need an Emerald key from Bayoushi’s.

Also please check out the new premium items, including a bundle with De-augmentators, Talent Resetters, and Emerald Keys.

Next will be Blue Ghosts, and then we are already approaching HW19!

July 2017

Date News

10 July 2017 Summer flower ghosts and Summer sale 2017

Dear agents,

first of all thank you for your birthday wishes! As you can see from the contract, even the chairman is not immune to ageing! However, he brought you some ghost glue!

As with the summer ghost last year we added 5 new ghosts, the summer flower ghosts. You have to find where they bloom and they will be here for a limited time (or in GT terms: they are teleporters). So check out your facebook groups and work together. Of course they will have their own collection.

Summer Sale 2017 has started, meaning you will find new items on the discount section on the donation page. The Tentacle whelp has even been buffed with Odd Odor. Also check out the summer bundle which includes a new item, some mocktails, and ALL avatars. :)

A new companion that can modify mechanism to outworldly has been added in Bayoushi’s shop.

We have increased the frequency of the secret ghosts in Phantom Castle.

Next will be blue ghosts and a raid location called “Alien spaceship” which is based on our favourite sci-fi movies from the 80s!

See you then!

June 2017

Date News

19 June 2017 Phantom castle and the search for the Emerald Sword Dear agents,
Announcements-Phantom Castle is open.jpg

the trains have arrived in Tayside and we now know that Proxy Castle is in truth the mysterious Phantom Castle.

We know that the legendary Emerald Sword must be hidden inside Phantom castle. Unfortunately, this is all the information we have, and we need to rely on all agents to find it. We suspect that this will be a team effort and you must share information with each other!

Phantom Castle has a new type of ghost called “shattered ghosts”. Lucky for you S.C.O.T.C.H. has developed ghost glue, a new stat which is needed to trap these ghosts. We strongly advise you buy the traps and candles inside Phantom Castle.

To help you out a little we have buffed the following items with ghost glue:

Companions: Bearded dragon, Sacred dragon Whelp, Ghost narwhal Contracts: Amazon Aegea. Master mentalist Morris, Lady of the lake Mocktail: Phantom

There are new gift ghosts that you can send to your fellow agents! Buy the boxes at Bayoushi’s (for a hefty price) and then send them away!

Donators may want to check out all new premium items. :)

Next will be blue ghosts, which may work differently than you expect.

See you then .. and may you find the Emerald Sword. (

Announcements-Can you unravel the secret of the Emerald Sword.jpg

May 2017

Date News

22 May 2017
Announcements-ESC ghosts.jpg

Hi all,

this years ESC ghost caused a little bit of frustration, so we decided to make it into a summoning ghost along with older and brand new ESC ghost.

The theme is German entries, although we know that most of you have never heard of the older ones. Anyway, we now have the following ghost (youtube links to the performances) which all drop new souvenirs.

Satellite ghost

Ghost of me

Perfect life ghost

A little bit of peace ghost [ ]

Khan ghost

After that we will continue working on R7.1 (Phantom castle), which may include a new trapdoor that uses sacred plasma, and a few gift ghosts available to everybody!

April 2017

Date News

24 April 2017 HW 18

Dear agents,

HW18 has started.

There is a new feature called Space jump, and it is the evolution of Skyjump. Instead of sky jumping you have a chance to jump higher, into outer space, and trap new ghosts there.

We don’t wnt to bore you with math or formulas, so the simple rule is: The higher your skyjump stat is, the higher the chance to space jump. (Turn off your anchor!).

Cloudwalking remains the same and applies to space jumping as well.

There is a new rainbow ghost which can only be encountered by space jumping.

There are two new collections involving, and a way to acquire Angel’s Aura for stardust.

Of course we have the classic HW castles, new loot, new collections. Donators may want to take a look at the new donation items. :)

Planned for late May is the opening of 7.1 with a new type of ghosts: shattered ghosts!

So have fun during HW 18!

14 April 2017 HW 18 announcement

Dear agents,

Announcements-HW 18 announcement.jpg
first of all, happy Easter!

The Easter Bunnies will be available from Saturday until Monday. There is also a new Easter bundle. :)

HW 18 will take place from April 24th to May 8th.

We normally start it a few days earlier as a “surprise”, but since Philip is on vacation until Aprl 24th this will not happen this time.

1 April 2017 GT GO
Announcements-GT GO.jpg

March 2017

Date News

23 March 2017 New trap teaser
Announcements-Perpetual buttercat teaser.png

Dear agents,

Perpetual buttercat, new outworldly trap

6 March 2017 Card ghosts
Announcements-New summoning ghosts.jpg

Dear agents,

as promised we want to extend some features that we have introduced a while ago. There are 4 new glyphs that let you summon “card ghosts”. These ghosts may drop some surprises that help you for your progress in the Dark Dimension.

However, to start trapping card ghosts you must have completed the “superhero collection”. To make getting the collections from summoning ghosts easier, we have increased their drop chance slightly.

In April we will have HW 18 with a feature that is new but not really. :)

See you then!

February 2017

Date News

13 February 2017 Book of the old gods
Announcements-Find the Dark Dimension.jpg

Dear agents,

instead of telling you we got this new thing and that new thing and you must do this and that, we will try something else:

There is evidence that the Book of the Old Gods has resurfaced, but some pages which describe summoning rituals have been lost. Your task would be to find the book and complete it. Once you complete this immense task we are sure that you will be rewarded accordingly. If we find any clues you can share them with your fellow agents on Facebook or here in this thread. We only can tell you that some things are hidden in the most obvious of places.

Good luck to you!

January 2017

Date News

16 Jsnuary 2017 We have a new forum
Announcements-New Diviad Games forum.jpg

Dear agents and children of the night,

as you can see we have a new forum. Over the years the participation in the old forum has declined since much of the talk has shifted to Facebook groups.

Furthermore the vBulletin board has run out of fashion and frankly there is no reason to pay for its own server. The forum itself has become convoluted with games that are not really supported anymore and a lot of inactive users.

So we thought it might the best time now to use a new, simpler forum for those who enjoy the forum culture, and to have a cross-platform hangout place for our games, old ones and new ones.

Please spread the word about to this forum to your friends and gaming buddies, and of course, participate.

9 January 2017 Preview

A preview of outworldly things to come in GT:         align=right


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