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Infernal traps start out with a 25% chance to cause the dark arts effect. The dark arts effect reduces either your XP or GBP to 0 for the next ghost you catch.


Dark arts does not affect your chance of getting loot from the next ghost you catch.

Interaction with ghost monsters

Dark arts can occur whenever you have an infernal mechanism armed.

This means that if you change to a setup that includes an infernal mechanism after you have attracted a ghost monster, you have a chance of triggering the dark arts effect when you catch the ghost monster.

Reducing the chance of getting dark arts: Purify

Items with the purify attribute can reduce the chance that dark arts will occur. See the purify page for an overview of all items in the game that can give a purify bonus.

Additional info

Other things to note about the dark arts:

Mechanisms index

Mechanisms that are subject to dark arts are:

Special circumstances: Raiding

The dark arts affects only an individual player during raiding, and does not affect the raid unit as a whole.


  • 10 January 2011: Dark arts was first added to mechanisms in Ghost Trappers.

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