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Cu sith carnival
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When the time is ripe, a dark carnival materializes in Virtual Scotland with the Cu Sith as its mascot. If that does not scare you, then enjoy the horror show and pray that you will survive it!

Cu sith carnival is a raiding location that appears as part of the Dumfries and Galloway region during special events.


Agents of S.C.O.T.C.H. must have at least 2,000 XP to be able to raid in Cu sith carnival. There is no cost to travel to or from Cu sith carnival.


All of the ghosts in Cu sith carnival are raid ghosts. You will find their pictures in the Raid Ghosts tab of your Ghost Photos through the main GT screen. Select Show all Ghosts.

Ghost Notes Type Strength XP minimum XP maximum £££ minimum £££ maximum Special loot
Wicked clown ghost Minion Weak 90 125 200 250
Firebreather ghost Minion Scary 116 128 250 300
Knifethrower ghost Minion Frightening 129 150 300 350
Beast tamer ghost Icon mystic power resistance medium.png Minion Terrifying 127 160 600 800
Ringmaster ghost Boss Epic 300 400 2500 3500
*  Icon mystic power resistance medium.png  indicates a mystic-resistant ghost.


The following items have been known to be dropped as ghost loot in Cu sith carnival:

Haunted week v

During Haunted week v, the following new item of ghost loot was also dropped in the Cu sith carnival:


  • 29 October 2009: Cu sith carnival first opened to agents of S.C.O.T.C.H., as part of Haunted Week III (29 October – 5 November 2009).
  • 13 July 2010: Cu sith carnival made its second appearance in Virtual Scotland for Haunted Week IV. (13 July – 22 July 2010)
  • 28 October 2010: Cu sith carnival made its third appearance in Virtual Scotland for Haunted Week V.

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