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Time charger
Resources-Crystal charger.jpg

    Crystal capacity     Adds charges to
    your chrono crystal:
+1 charge 
Attribute icon-Loot hunter crystal fragment.png Chrono crystal fragments cost: 100 fragment(s)



The time charger is also known as the crystal charger.

The time charger adds 1 to the number of crystal charges your chrono crystal can hold. That one additional crystal charge means one additional power hunt when your chrono crystal is fully charged.


Chrono crystal Starting number
of crystal charges
Number of crystal charges
with the time charger
in inventory
Chrono crystals-Basic chrono crystal.jpg 6 7
Chrono crystals-Powerful chrono crystal.jpg 8 9
Chrono crystals-Mighty chrono crystal.jpg 8 9
Chrono crystals-Powerful obsidian crystal.jpg 10 11
Chrono crystals-Mighty obsidian crystal.jpg 15 16
Chrono crystals-Mystique crystal.jpg 9 10
Chrono crystals-Arcane crystal.jpg 4 5
Chrono crystals-Digital crystal.jpg 3 4

How to use

Once the time charger is in your inventory Inventory Blue arrow right.png Special items, you get its benefit.


The time charger is enabled when it arrives in your inventory. You don't have to do anything else to make it work.

If the time charger gets disabled at any time, you can re-enable it by clicking on the reenable button.

What crystal charges do

Each crystal charge represents one power hunt.


You can only have/use one time charger in your inventory.

Similar items

There are a number of pieces of equipment (contracts, companions, etc.) that can add additional charges to your chrono crystal, but only when they are part of your active setup.

The time charger does not have to be specifically added to your setup to work.

The chrono crystal page has a table showing all the pieces of equipment (including the time charger) that add charges to your chrono crystal.


Bayoushi's shop

The time charger is on sale in Lady Ayumi Bayoushi's shop on the 9th floor of S.C.O.T.C.H. HQ for 100 chrono crystal fragments.

You can only buy one charger. You get the additional charge as long as the charger is in your inventory.


  • 26 April 2010: The time charger is introduced to all agents of Ghost Trappers.

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