Cosmic rays

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Cosmic rays
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Cosmic rays is sometimes also referred to as alien attraction. The more of this stat you have in your setup, the more (and stronger) aliens you will attract.


The following items can add cosmic rays to your setup:

Item Type Power type
if relevant
Amount of
cosmic rays
Alien trapper     Alien trapper
ID badge 2
Arctic annihilator     Arctic annihilator
Accessory 3
B.E.E.R. honor badge     B.E.E.R. honor badge
Accessory 1
Berlin datapad     Berlin datapad
Accessory 2
Birmingham datapad     Birmingham datapad
Accessory 2
Black hole     Black hole
Mechanism High tech 2
Blue stocking     Blue stocking
Accessory 2
Borscht scanner     Borscht scanner
Accessory 1
Item Type Power, if relevant Value
cel Celestial ghost companion     Celestial ghost companion
Companion 2
Christmas datapad     Christmas datapad
Accessory 1
Cornelius, conspiracy theorist     Cornelius, conspiracy theorist
Contract Magic circles 3
Crossbooth zapper     Crossbooth zapper
Accessory 5
Cursed watch     Cursed watch
Accessory 5
Ether portal     Ether portal
Mechanism Arcane 2
eth Ethereal cow     Ethereal cow
Companion 1
Item Type Power, if relevant Value
Fine zapper     Fine zapper
Accessory 4
Firework agent     Firework agent
ID badges 1
Flashy shirt     Flashy shirt
Accessory 5
Flying pan     Flying pan
Accessory 3
German alien collection     German alien collection
Collection bonus 4
Haggis scanner     Haggis scanner
Accessory 1
Laika     Laika
Companion 5
Lashy     Lashy
Companion 3
Life on Mars     Life on Mars
Bait 1
Mad catter     Mad catter
Companion 3
Max E. Million     Max E. Million
Mechanism High tech 1
Merlion hourglass     Merlion hourglass
Accessory 6
Moscow datapad     Moscow datapad
Accessory 2
akt=Cosmic rays normal augmentation     Normal cosmic rays augmentation
Companion augmentation 1
Item Type Power, if relevant Value
Octocrat     Octocrat
Companion 5
Pangolin     Pangolin
Companion 8
Planar candles     Planar candles
Magic circle 2
Red sunset     Red sunset
Bait 5
Robodog     Robodog
Companion 5
Rubber duck candles     Rubber duck candles
Magic circle 5
Samowar     Samowar
Accessory 3
Siberian snowball collection     Siberian snowball collection
Collection bonus 2
Silver star red     Silver star red
Bait 2
Silver star orange     Silver star orange
Bait 1
Sir Overdrive     Sir Overdrive
Contract High tech 1
Snog     Snog
Companion 5
Item Type Power, if relevant Value
Snow-covered ether portal     Snow-covered ether portal
Mechanism Arcane 2
Space collection I     Space collection I
Collection bonus 3
Spooky datapad     Spooky datapad
Accessory 5
Starlight     Starlight
Magic circle 1
The alien emissary     The alien emissary
Contract Outworldly 5
Weiswuascht pistoin     Weiswuascht pistoin
Accessory 2
Yummy durian collection     Yummy durian collection
Collection bonus 4
Item Type Power, if relevant Value


  • 28 January 2014: The cosmic rays stat was added to Ghost Trappers.

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