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A ghost companion can help you on your hunts. You can only have one companion active at any given time.
Different types of companions give different types or combinations of benefits as help.

For in-game information on your companions (including whether you can create a new companion) go to the "Companions" tab in your Inventory to see your companions, your ghost plasma supply, and the Incubator.

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Companion species

We now have more than 200 species of companions, and the entire list has been moved to the companion species page.

Acquiring a companion

You can currently acquire a ghost companion by any of the following methods:

All of these options are discussed in greater detail on the acquiring a companion page.


You can name your ghost companion (using the Companions tab in your Inventory) regardless of how you acquired that companion.

You can also rename your companion at any time for a fee of 1 ghost plasma or 100 bottles of Nessy's Golden Reserve.

For a brief period in 2010,(8–22 October 2010), you were able to rename your companion for free.

Hunting with a companion

You can only bring one companion along with you on each hunt. Companions level up from level 1 to level 5 as you take them on hunts. The more hunts your companion goes on, the more powerful it will become (up to the maximum level 5).

Changing companions

Button Switch companion.jpg

You can change your companion in the Inventory/Companions tab by clicking on the Switch companion button or by simply clicking on its picture in the GUI.

Companion levels

Companions have levels.

At least one bonus your companion gives you will change depending on the companion's level.

Companions gain experience towards levelling up with each non-raiding hunt they are taken on, whether or not it is a successful hunt. As your companion levels up, it will require more hunts to earn credits towards levelling up and it will take more hunts to reach the next level.

The maximum level for each companion is 5.

Your companion's hunting experience is totally unrelated to the XP of the ghosts you catch. Instead your companion's experience are based on the number of hunts you go on, successful or not.

The levelling a companion page contains more details on the number of hunts required for a companion to level up.

If you change companions, the current companion's experience credits and its level will be automatically saved.

Raiding and leveling

Your companion does not gain any credit towards levelling up from raid hunts. This is because the hunts are credited to the team, not to the individual players on the team.

GUI-Love bar full.png

Gifts and love bar

You can give your companion gifts, and if you're lucky, your companion will give you affection points in return. When your love bar is full (see pic), you have earned the right to add a fourth augmentation slot for that companion.

Display problems

When your companion levels up, its new bonus may not immediately be added to your trap statistics. If this happens, just switch your companion to another one (Use the "Switch Companion" button in the Inventory/Companions tab) and then switch it back. If you don't own another companion, you can switch your mechanism or magic circle to another and then switch it back too. This will correct the problem.

Augmenting a companion

Put a level-5 companion into the augmentor.

Then buy up to 3 random attributes for either 50 Ghost plasma or 1000 Nessy's each.

You have no influence on what attribute(s) your companion gets — it's random selection among the companion attributes currently available.

Augmentations are permanent and can not be taken away from your companion unless you totally deaugment that companion.

Some companions may acquire the same augmentation more than once. For example, you may receive the mystic power augmentation more than once.

Other augmentations will not be added to a companion more than once. Those augmentations include all of the loot hunter augmentations, for example.

See all the augmentations.


  • 1 June 2009: Companions were introduced into Virtual Scotland.

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